“You stepped into my life and flipped my whole world” – Upcoming actor Chidi Dike professes love for Ruth Kadiri

Upcoming Nollywood actor Chidi Dike has penned a heartfelt note to his senior colleague, Ruth Kadiri.

The young actor, while sharing a photo of him and the actress, who doubles as his mentor, noted how she flipped his whole world since she came into his life. Expressing his love for her, he stated that words fail him everything, but she knows how much he loves her.

Raining sweet words on her, he called her his queen and mentor and added that he doesn’t need a special fay to appreciate her. He went on to declare the picture the best on the Internet.

“She stepped into my life and flipped my whole world… words fail me every time, but you know I love you, mama…
My Queen, My Mentor, My Mother… I don’t need a special day to appreciate you, mama
Best picture you’ll see online today!!! @ruthkadiri @ruthkadiri247_”.

In January, Ruth celebrated Chidi after he bought his first car legally at the age of 22. She expressed how proud she is of him as she noted how he has made everyone around him proud. Ruth declared that this is only the beginning for him, as greater things lie ahead.

In February, Nigerians praised Ruth for introducing new artists in her movies after an X user, Chude Nnamdi, called the attention of Nigerians to the fact that Ruth Kadiri is not getting enough credits for bringing the young actor to the spotlight via her streaming platform on YouTube.

Last year, Ruth had sent a message to film critics, telling them she wasn’t bothered by their analysis. She noted how she had gotten lots of criticisms from people complaining about how predictable her movies were, as she compared them to Hollywood, noting how Hollywood and other foreign movies are also predictable, yet people still watch them.

She had also sent an SOS alert to her colleagues and screenwriters against making the lead cast take over a movie. She begged them to reduce the roles of the lead and make other casts important in a movie and admonished them to allow the lead casts to be surrounded by different themes to improve other casts.

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