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Zac Efron Romances Nicole Kidman Against Her Daughter's Wishes In A Family Affair Trailer


  • A Family Affair
    trailer showcases Joey King’s shift from rom-com love interest to a daughter grappling with her mom’s unexpected romance.
  • Kidman and Efron’s age-gap romance adds a twist to the film, promising a mix of comedy and emotional evolution for the characters.
  • The star power in
    A Family Affair
    sets the stage for a promising release, with viewers trusting the leads to deliver laughs and swoons.

Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming film A Family Affair. Directed by Richard LaGravenese, A Family Affair tells the story of a young woman, Zara, whose life balance is disrupted when the movie star that she works for falls in love with her mother. A few months ago, Netflix released the first images from the movie, which gave a look at Nicole Kidman, Joey King, and Zac Efron in their roles as the mother, daughter, and daughter’s boss-turned-mother’s lover.

A Family Affair
hits Netflix on June 28.

Now, Netflix has released the first full trailer for A Family Affair.

The trailer begins with King’s character seeking solace in her friend, who assures her how crazy the love story situation is. The scene quickly shifts to a scene wherein King accidentally walks in on her mom and her boss in the act. Upon seeing this, Zara promptly faints. As the trailer progresses, the main tensions in A Family Affair begin to show, as Zara experiences tension at work with movie star boss Chris Cole, and her mom falls deeper in love.

A Family Affair’s Unlikely Pairings Just Might Work

Nicole Kidman And Zac Efron Have An Age-Gap Romance

A Family Affair represents a departure for King in what made her most famous on Netflix: The Kissing Booth series. King plays a major love interest in those films, and while A Family Affair is also a romance movie, she is not the subject of that romance. Rather, her character Zara is initially repulsed and burdened by the relationship between her mom, Brooke, and Chris are going through, and must come to terms with it as the movie progresses. This will be an interesting perspective shift in comparison to her previous characters.

The star power behind A Family Affair is part of what will bring the film strength as it prepares for its release next month. King’s co-stars are well-versed in both comedy and romance, and though Efron’s age-gap romance with Kidman may be a different dynamic from his High School Musical or Greatest Showman days, he should be well-positioned to take full advantage of the premise. Whether a scene goes for laughs or swoons, prospective viewers will trust the two leads to deliver.


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The trailer for A Family Affair is a promising first sign for the film and its performances. While it seems that a lot of the comedy will start from the rift between Zara and the romance at the fore, the trailer also suggests the characters will go through a massive emotional evolution over the course of the film. This will take place as Zara comes to terms with her mom’s new relationship, and as Brooke works through her flood of emotions towards Chris.

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