‘₦100,000 Is Even Not Enough’ – Bishop Urges Tinubu To Cut Governance Costs To Increase Minimum Wage

Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, His Lordship, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor, has criticized the ongoing minimum wage debates.

Ezeokafor urged President Bola Tinubu to reduce the cost of governance in order to pay better wages to workers.

Speaking to journalists in Awka on Tuesday, Ezeokafor highlighted that ₦62,000 per month is inadequate for covering essential living costs, including health, transportation, and housing.

He argued that given the high cost of living, the proposed wage is insufficient, and even a minimum wage of ₦100,000 would not meet the basic needs of Nigerian workers.

He suggested that to afford a higher minimum wage, the government should reduce the excessive salaries and benefits of National Assembly members, governors, and federal officials, and cut the overall cost of governance to better support workers and the poor.

Ezeokafor said: “It is unfortunate to hear about the minimum wage debates. To me, ₦100,000 is even not enough, looking at how some persons siphon monies meant for every Nigerian.

“It is a question of living in a very big blessed country and at the same time the workers and masses are suffering because some individuals are taking home what belongs to society, leaving the workers and the general public to be gnashing their teeth.

“Let us look at the ₦62,000 proposal. From it, someone will take care of his health, transportation, accommodation, feeding and everything about life per month and one month is 30 days on the average.

“Will that person ever be able to have a roof over his head? And yet they see it as too much to be paid to the people. I do not believe that we are telling ourselves the truth.

“When I hear people say that if government starts paying ₦62,000 it cannot sustain it, I think such people may be selfish. If they are looking for where to source the money from, they should slash the National Assembly Members’ jumbo salaries, the governors’ and the Federal Government’s salaries and emoluments itself.

“Cut down the cost of governance. Use the money to settle workers and poor Nigerians.

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