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10 Best Spider-Man Movie Villain Quotes


  • Villains in Spider-Man movies deliver unforgettable lines, adding depth to the hero’s cinematic journey.
  • Memorable quotes from villains like Green Goblin and Mysterio reflect their dark intentions and worldviews.
  • Villains in Spider-Man movies, from Doctor Octopus to Vulture, provide powerful moments that shape the hero’s path.

Across the hero’s big screen appearances, Spider-Man has faced many villains, with some delivering unforgettable quotes in that time. Long before the MCU’s movie timeline began, Spider-Man was established as a force to be reckoned with at the box office. As one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, Spider-Man has always been a prime candidate for box office adaptations, with many of his villains joining him for his live-action outings on the big screen.

Of the many Spider-Man villains to appear in his movies, not all have been well-received. However, even some of those considered the worst Spider-Man movie antagonists have still delivered great lines, with villains both good and bad offering up iconic quotes that live long in the memory. From all across the hero’s cinematic journey, here are the 10 best Spider-Man movie villain quotes.


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10 “You Don’t Give People Hope. You Take It Away. I’m Gonna Take Away Yours.”

Green Goblin, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a movie with many problems, with its villains cited as particularly weak points of the film. The film followed Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn as he slowly transformed into the Green Goblin, undergoing an arc beginning with his friendship with Peter Parker to his descent into villainy after taking his father’s experimental serum. After learning of Peter’s dual identity, the Goblin goes after his former friend, blaming him for refusing to help with his condition.

Approaching Peter and Gwen, the Goblin tells him that he doesn’t give people hope, but takes it away. Then, he tells Peter that he’s going to take away his own hope, targeting Gwen in an attempt to hurt the hero. The line itself isn’t too remarkable, but when considered alongside Gwen’s resulting death, it becomes all the more powerful. In the end, the Green Goblin does exactly what he says he’s going to do, killing Gwen and taking away Peter’s hope.

9 “I Created You. You Created Me.”

Spot, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2023)

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Poster

Though the cast of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse features many characters, one of the film’s most dangerous villains is Spot, who threatens the fabric of the entire Multiverse. After attacking Miles Morales, Spot begins to explain his origins. In a moment that’s presented as dramatic as it is comedic, Spot declares: “I created you. You created me!”

The line comes as a revelation, with Spot explaining that he was one of the scientists responsible for Kingpin’s machine and the spider that bit Miles and that Miles then caused his powers when destroying the machine. It feeds into a classic hero-villain trope, but it also perfectly sets up a visually striking scene that fully explains Spot’s origin and ties it into the film’s central themes. The line establishes Spot as Miles’ arch-nemesis, and it’s also a decidedly memorable moment in the movie.

8 “I Will Not Die A Monster.”

Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man 2 (2004)

spider man 2 1

Spider-Man 2’s early place in Spider-Man’s movie timeline hasn’t hurt its reputation, with many considering it one of the best movies featuring the character even two decades after its release. The film sees Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man face off against Doctor Octopus after Peter Parker’s scientific role model, Otto Octavius, has an unfortunate accident involving experimental metallic limbs and an unstable energy source. Late in the movie, Octavius is able to overcome the influence of his sentient limbs and sabotage his own plan to destroy the city, proclaiming, “I will not die a monster.”

The line being the last spoken by Octavius before his sacrifice gives him a final moment of redemption before his death. What’s more, it perfectly rounds off his complex character arc, firmly establishing him as a good man corrupted by his own science and ambition. It also serves as a valuable lesson for Peter Parker, who sees that there is more to the villains he fights than simple evil.

7 “It’s Easy To Fool People When They’re Already Fooling Themselves.”

Mysterio, Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Spider-Man Far From Home Poster-1

Spider-Man has been featured in a number of movies in the MCU with Spider-Man: Far From Home marking his first appearance since the death of Tony Stark. The post-Endgame story saw Spider-Man meet Mysterio, an illusion-crafting villain who was able to deceive the hero into handing over Tony Stark’s technological legacy through control of the powerful EDITH drones. After tricking the hero into revealing the identities of his friends, Mysterio states: “It’s easy to fool people when they’re already fooling themselves.”

The line does much more than just insult the movie’s young hero. It represents Quentin Beck’s entire worldview: that people are there to be manipulated and that trust is not a virtue worth having. He has no remorse, no sympathy, and practically no humanity, marking the line as a particularly low point for the MCU’s Spider-Man. Lost without his mentor Iron Man, Spider-Man is forced to pick himself up after Mysterio’s insult and put a stop to the villain’s plans.

6 “Gods Don’t Have To Choose. We Take.”

Green Goblin, Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man No Way Home Poster

The cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home featured many returning characters from across the hero’s cinematic past, including Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. After the film’s plot sees Spider-Man attempt to redeem the Multiverse villains, the Goblin once more takes control of Norman Osborn at the worst possible moment, denouncing the cure synthesized by Peter Parker to help him and his fellow villains. He explains that their gifts make them gods, and that “Gods don’t have to choose, we take.

The line precedes the Green Goblin’s most devastating actions in his live-action movie appearances. After briefly battling Spider-Man, the Goblin goes after Aunt May, killing her and taking away Peter’s guardian and greatest role model. Robbing the young hero of his only surviving family is a powerful and painful message to send, and it all stems from the dark line he utters before turning Spider-Man’s world upside down.

5 “Everyone In This City Is Gonna Know How It Feels To Live In My World. A World Without Power. A World Without Mercy. A World Without Spider-Man.”

Electro, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 introduces two separate villains, with Jamie Foxx’s Electro, in particular, being poorly received for a handful of reasons. However, the villain does have some memorable moments, including one excellent line outlining his motivations. After gaining his abilities, he’s imprisoned and begins to set himself free, explaining that he intends for the world to know how it feels to live in his world.

The line is especially powerful, considering Max Dillon’s origins. The movie demonstrates how downtrodden and overlooked Dillon is before becoming Electro and why he blames Spider-Man for many of his problems. The explanation of his plans and his motivations make perfect sense, with the line setting out exactly why The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Electro is such a tragic figure, as well as a dangerous antagonist seeking revenge on the film’s hero.

4 “You’re The Best Of All Of Us, Miles. You’re On Your Way. Just… Just Keep Going…”

Prowler, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

SPIDER MAN Into The Spider Verse Character Poster Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse proved to be a massive success, bringing a new and exciting Spider-Man story to life on the big screen through an unprecedented animated aesthetic. One of the film’s primary villains was the Prowler, who, under his mask, was Miles Morales’ uncle, Aaron Davis. After fighting one another, Miles watches as Kingpin murders the Prowler, with the hero and villain learning of their true identities and familial relationship as Davis dies. This leads to the villain’s heartfelt final words to his nephew before he dies.

It’s an especially touching scene, as the villain’s death hits the young hero understandably hard. The hopeful and encouraging message Prowler gives to his nephew before dying goes some way toward redeeming him, showing his more human side and his sympathetic reasons for his questionable actions. The line is a powerful one expertly and emotionally delivered by Mahershala Ali, making it all the more memorable.

3 “Never Wound What You Can’t Kill.”

Venom, Spider-Man 3 (2007)

spider man 3 1

Spider-Man 3 is widely considered the worst Spider-Man movie, with its handling of its three villains often cited as its worst mistake. Though its take on Venom is especially underwhelming, the villain does deliver a line that perfectly taps into the character. Shortly before the pair’s final showdown, Eddie Brock tells Spider-Man to “never wound what you can’t kill.”

The line speaks to the predatory nature of the Venom symbiote, but also to Eddie Brock’s own opportunistic character. The combination of the two comes perfectly to light through the line, outlining exactly why the symbiote paired so completely with Brock. It also subtly foreshadows the death of both Brock and Venom shortly after, as it makes it clear that the villain sees his struggle with Spider-Man as an all-consuming battle that will ultimately claim one of their lives.

2 “The Rich And The Powerful, They Don’t Care About Us. We Have To Pick Up After Them. We Have To Eat Their Table Scraps.”

Vulture, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Final Spider Man Homecoming Poster

Spider-Man: Homecoming served as Spider-Man’s first solo outing in the MCU, with the young iteration of the hero fighting Adrian Toomes – A.K.A. the Vulture – as he traffics in stolen Chitauri technology. The movie also features one of the most underrated villain quotes in the entire MCU, when Spider-Man and the Vulture directly face each other for the first time. Explaining his worldview, Toomes decries the rich and powerful, explaining that people like him are forced to survive off of their “table scraps.”

The line subtly connects Toomes to his scavenger namesake, but it also accesses one of the more complicated truths of the MCU. Toomes’ assessment isn’t entirely wrong, making him seem somewhat reasonable, at least until he attacks the young hero. His monologue about power and societal injustice is still powerful, and perfectly fits with the MCU’s characterization of the villain.

1 “The One Thing They Love More Than A Hero Is To See A Hero Fail…”

Green Goblin, Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man 2002 Poster

2002’s Spider-Man boasts one of the greatest villains in the hero’s cinematic history in the form of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. The villain offers up a number of memorable quotes, but perhaps none as iconic as his appeal to Spider-Man to join him. Explaining his philosophy on the public, he tells Spider-Man that “the only thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, to fall, to die trying.”

The line initially seems somewhat prescient, until civilians begin protecting Spider-Man from the Green Goblin in an uplifting scene. The Green Goblin’s cutting assessment of public opinion is incredibly convincing, especially delivered so brilliantly by Dafoe. Spider-Man’s subsequent revelation that the villain was wrong makes for an incredibly powerful moment, making the quote an especially thought-provoking moment from a Spider-Man movie villain.

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