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10 Perfect DC Roles For Jon Hamm In The New DC Universe


  • Jon Hamm is open to joining the DC Universe, having talks with DC.
  • DC characters Hamm could play include mentors like Jay Garrick, Wildcat, or villains like Sinestro or Darkseid.
  • Hamm could also portray Two-Face or Batman, both roles that would showcase his acting range and talents.

Jon Hamm is still open to joining the DC Universe, and an actor of his caliber could take on some exciting roles in future DCU projects. Hamm is a major comic book fan despite never having been part of a Marvel or DC movie. The actor was at one point set to play Mister Sinister in the X-Men movies — with plans for an appearance at the end of New Mutants that was not filmed — but nothing ever came of it.

Recently, Hamm talked about his Green Lantern rejection. The actor was approached to play Hal Jordan in 2011’s Green Lantern, but he passed on the role that eventually went to Ryan Reynolds. Hamm has revealed that he has since pitched himself for a couple of MCU roles and continues to have talks with both Marvel and DC for a role. Based on that, there are some exciting DCU characters Hamm could play.


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10 Jay Garrick

A Mentor To Other Speedsters

At 53, Hamm could play a few different mentor roles in the new DC Universe. One of those could be the Jay Garrick version of the Flash. Since the DCU has cast Superman and Supergirl, with Batman and the Bat-Family confirmed to come in The Brave and the Bold movie, there is a big chance that more superhero families will appear. One of those could be the popular Flash family.

The DCEU only used the Barry Allen version of the Flash, played by Ezra Miller. Since the DCU will be more in line with the comics, taking a page from all of DC’s history, it would make sense for the Justice Society of America — a team present in the DCEU — to appear. Hamm has the charisma and gravitas to make Jay Garrick an iconic hero who inspires others in the Flash family after his years of saving the world with the JSA.


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9 Wildcat

The DCU’s Number One Boxer

Hamm could also play another JSA member in Wildcat. Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, would be one of the best fits for the actor. Hamm has shown in the past that he can play scrappy characters and has the perfect gruff tone for Wildcat. In Baby Driver, he showed his prowess in action roles, which would come in handy for the Justice Society of America member who is known as one of the best boxers in comics.

Hamm’s Ted Grant could be a hardened hero with years of service in the DCU as one of the pillars of the JSA. In the comics, Wildcat is known for helping train other DC heroes, the biggest one probably being Black Canary. Given their bond, Hamm’s Wildcat could be shown specifically as the mentor of the DCU’s Black Canary.


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8 Sinestro

Jon Hamm Passed On Green Lantern

While Hamm would be great as many DC heroes, the actor could very well join the DCU in a villain role. After all, Hamm almost ended up playing Mister Sinister in Fox’s X-Men movies, so there is a precedent. In the past, Hamm passed on the chance to play Hal Jordan, which probably means he would also choose not to give life to the character in the DCU’s Lanterns series.

However, Sinestro is an exciting villain role in the Green Lantern corner of the DCU that could speak to the actor. Sinestro, the leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps — or Sinestro Corps — is an extremely intelligent and manipulative character. Someone with those skills could speak to Hamm, who recently played a tech mogul full of schemes on Apple TV+’s The Morning Show. Hamm could make Sinestro a driven and dangerous villain.


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7 Darkseid

The DCU’s Ultimate Villain

In terms of villain roles, there is likely no bigger foe to the DCU’s heroes than Darkseid for Hamm to play. The character was barely used in the DCEU, only being teased in the theatrical cut of Justice League and having a bigger role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which ultimately went nowhere. Darkseid was one of the characters done dirty by the DCEU, and the villain can finally shine in the new DC Universe.

Hamm would be an interesting choice for Darkseid. The character can play intense and charismatic characters well, which is not at all Darkseid’s personality, making him a wild card for the role. However, Hamm has the perfect deep voice for the role. The actor was also menacing in Baby Driver, which means Hamm’s Darkseid could be an imposing villain to the DCU’s heroes. The actor is also a big name, which might be what the DCU will look for to play the overarching villain.


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6 Thomas Wayne

Batman Or Not

One of the biggest missed opportunities of the DCEU was how it had the perfect Flashpoint in the franchise’s hands, only for The Flash movie to do something original with the concept. The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan could have been perfect as the Thomas Wayne Batman from Flashpoint. Perhaps the DCU could give the story another go in a few years, and Hamm would perfectly fit that version of the character.

While Bruce Wayne holds back as Batman, Thomas Wayne is a gun-toting version of the Dark Knight in the Flashpoint timeline. Hamm has plenty of action roles in his resume that make him perfect for that iteration of the character, with the actor also having been a part of many dark crime series and films over the years. Alternatively, Hamm could also portray the charismatic and good-natured Thomas Wayne in flashbacks to the DCU Bruce Wayne’s past.


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5 Deathstroke

Slade Wilson Already Has The Perfect Debut Movie

At 53, Hamm would also be a perfect fit for the DCU’s version of Deathstroke. James Gunn previously considered using Slade Wilson in The Suicide Squad. Deathstroke was played by Joe Manganiello in the DCEU, though the actor will not be returning in the new DCU. With Gunn recently teasing that he has plans for Deathstroke, Hamm could be the new actor to give life to Slade Wilson on the big screen.

Hamm has the necessary intensity for the role. The actor has also played multiple characters who are just as intelligent and dangerous as Deathstroke, though the DC villain would be his most physically demanding role to date. Deathstroke already has the perfect project to debut. Slade is the biggest villain of the Teen Titans in the comics, and with the team having a movie in the works for the DCU, Hamm could soon join the franchise as Deathstroke.


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4 The Human Target

A Potential Series

DC Comics superstar writer Tom King is part of the group of writers in charge of charting the overall story of the DCU. Recently, Gunn confirmed that King is one of the creators of Max’s upcoming Green Lanterns series, Lanterns. As Gunn revealed many of King’s limited series at DC are among his favorite books, there is a chance that some of them could be adapted to the DCU, like Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and The Human Target would be perfect for Hamm.

The Human Target comics followed Christopher Chance, a character who is hired to pretend to be other people to protect them from threats. After being poisoned, Chance has to find out his murderer’s identity before dying. Besides physically resembling the Human Target, Hamm would be able to perfectly bring to life the character’s suave attitude in the thrilling potential project.


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3 Two-Face

The Ideal Villain For Jon Hamm

While Hamm could suit quite a few DC villains, there is no one better than Two-Face among the potential DCU foes for him to play. Hamm would be perfect for the dual role. In Mad Men, Hamm taught a masterclass about charisma with his performance as Don Draper. Those talents could once again be employed by the actor to bring Harvey Dent to life. Hamm could initially play Dent in multiple projects, cementing him as a force for good in Gotham City.

However, Dent’s inevitable fall from grace would see Hamm become Two-Face. The actor has the dramatic — and comedic — skills that are necessary for the villain. Hamm could make Two-Face an intense foe for Batman and the rest of the DCU’s Bat-Family. A fragmented portrayal where both sides of Two-Face fight each other for control would be ideal for Hamm’s talents.


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2 The Question

A Grounded Vigilante

When the slate of projects for the DCU’s Chapter One was announced, both major characters and lesser-known ones were present. That was to be expected, as DCU boss James Gunn was the one who made the Guardians of the Galaxy a household name for Marvel and included several obscure characters in his The Suicide Squad, as well as transformed Peacemaker from an unknown character into one of DC’s most popular in recent years.

As such, more obscure characters should join the DCU, and Hamm has the potential to make Vic Sage, aka the Question, jump in popularity. Hamm would be a great fit for the Question’s street-level antics, suiting both the action side of the character and his troubles. The Question is often seen as paranoid, something that Hamm’s turn in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and other roles prove he would excel at.


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1 Batman

Jon Hamm Has Been Fancast As Batman For Years

Finally, the best character for Hamm in the new DC Universe is Batman. The Brave and the Bold movie will see the debut of a new actor as the Dark Knight. The film will also see the live-action debut of Damian Wayne, Bruce’s young biological son from the comics. As Damian will be a kid and is the fourth male Robin in the comics, it would make sense for the DCU’s Batman to be on the older side.

Hamm would be believable as a Batman who already has a Bat-Family established in the DCU. The actor has also been fancast as Bruce Wayne for a long time. Hamm is open to playing Batman, and the actor’s time in Mad Men shows that he would nail the playboy billionaire persona of Bruce Wayne. The actor also has the intensity and darkness needed for Batman, which would be Jon Hamm‘s perfect DCU role.

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