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10 Things I'm Excited To See In The Acolyte Episode 5

This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 4.


  • Episode 5 of The Acolyte promises a highly anticipated and action-packed battle between the Jedi and the mysterious Sith Lord.
  • Jecki Lon wields dual lightsabers in the upcoming episode, hinting at potential intense lightsaber combat.
  • The identity of the Sith Lord remains a mystery, with various theories circulating online about who he could potentially be.

The Acolyte episode 4 ended with a major cliffhanger, but episode 5 is highly anticipated and should be action-packed. The mysterious Sith Lord made his presence known to the Jedi at the end of The Acolyte episode 4 and was able to use the Force to push back all the Jedi with simply a flick of the wrist. With so much of this battle teased from the trailer footage, it will be exciting to see how it plays out. Even better, The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland seems to believe this will be one of the season’s best.

That said, we don’t know much about The Acolyte episode 5. It’s possible this will intercut all the action with further flashbacks from what happened on Brendok some 16 years ago. That idea makes me even more excited about this upcoming episode, which promises to be among the best yet.


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10 Jecki Wielding Dual Lightsabers Should Be In Episode 5

While it’s known that there will be a big battle between the Jedi and the mysterious Sith Lord in The Acolyte episode 5, the details of that battle have been sparse. However, trailer footage has shown Master Sol’s padawan, Jecki Lon wielding two green lightsabers as she takes on the Sith Lord. My suspicion is that she’s taken the second blade from a fallen Jedi, which likely means she won’t be the first take on the Sith.

Lightsaber combat that employs two blades is known as Jar’Kai and has been used by both Jedi and Sith. Jedi like Anakin Skywalker and Kanan Jarrus have been known to wield a second blade when outmatched by an opponent, allowing them to take on a more defensive stance. It’s unclear if Jecki normally uses Jar’Kai or if the Jedi’s battle against the Sith Lord is a special circumstance, but either way, it will be exciting.

9 Mae Coming Face-to-Face With Her Sith Master

She Hid At the End of Episode 4

The end of The Acolyte episode 4 saw Mae tell Qimir that she planned to turn herself in to Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca, only to find the Wookiee dead in his home. Knowing that her Master was there, Mae remained inside Kelnacca’s hut as the Sith Lord made his presence known. It’s clear the Sith also knows that Mae is there, and will likely come face-to-face with her. Will he kill her for going against his will, as Qimir and Mae believed?

The Sith Lord is also likely aware of Mae’s affection for her twin sister Osha and may use it against her. If the Sith threatens Osha, Mae might take action to save her sister. While Mae doesn’t currently wield a lightsaber that has been seen, it’s possible that she takes one from a fallen Jedi and duels her master. Based on how scared she was of the Sith, it’s likely she won’t fall back in line and follow his orders.


The former Padawan of Jedi Master Sol, Mae gets swept up into a sinister mystery—one that puts her into the center of a conflict in unexpected ways.

Created By
Leslye Headland

Amandla Stenberg

8 Finally Getting to Know the Identity of the Sith Lord

Has Anyone’s Theory Been Correct?

One of the biggest mysteries remaining in The Acolyte is the identity of the mysterious Sith Lord. So far, he has only been referred to as “him,” and as Mae’s master. Very little is known about his character, and it seems even the other villains in the show don’t know much about him. Mae doesn’t know his name and has never seen his face. Qimir commented in The Acolyte episode 4 that he “collects people” but it’s unclear what he means by that or how Qimir got involved with him.

Many theories are floating around online, many of which point towards Qimir being the Sith Lord, but nothing has been confirmed. Other theories suggest he might be Master Indara who faked her death, or an evil twin of Master Sol. Some theories have pointed towards James Luceno’s now non-canon novel Darth Plagueis and suggest the Sith Lord is either the title character or his Master, Darth Tenebrous. With the Sith Lord’s mask being so large and his robes hiding much of his body shape, it could be anyone.

7 A Jedi on Jedi Lightsaber Battle on Brendok

The Witches’ Magick Might Have Compromised A Jedi

If The Acolyte episode 5 features a series of flashbacks to the incident on Brendok, audiences will likely get to see what happened with the Jedi. From trailer footage, it’s known that Master Kelnacca will be attacking who looks like Torbin while on Brendok. Additionally, audiences still haven’t seen Master Torbin get his facial scars. If there is a Jedi-on-Jedi battle, episode 5 may be the perfect place to see that.

It’s been theorized that the witches of Brendok will corrupt one of the Jedi as they did with Master Torbin in The Acolyte episode 3. It’s believed that Kelnacca will be the Jedi whose mind will be hijacked and forced to attack his allies. It’s rare in Star Wars to see a Jedi battle another Jedi, so if this happens in The Acolyte episode 5, it will surely be a must-see episode.

6 Seeing the Different Perspectives of What Happened on Brendok

Headland Promised a Homage to the 1950 Film, Roshomon

It was quite obvious that The Acolyte episode 3 did not show the whole story of what happened on Brendok, and that it only followed Osha’s perspective of things. The Acolyte creator Leslye Headland said that she took inspiration from the 1950 film Roshomon to show the events that occurred on Brendok. Roshomon was the first time a story told the same events from multiple perspectives all with vastly different interpretations. The Acolyte will likely explore the events of Brendok from other perspectives including Master Sol, Mae, and maybe even one of the Brendok witches.

These perspectives may also just be interpretations of the truth, with all of them together showcasing the unbiased truth.

Seeing all of these different perspectives will hopefully allow audiences to get the full picture of what happened and how the coven of witches actually perished. These perspectives may also just be interpretations of the truth, with all of them together showcasing the unbiased truth. A story like this has never been seen in Star Wars so it will certainly be a new experience for all, and hopefully, The Acolyte can stick the landing.

5 How Mae Survived the Fire on Brendok

Audiences Are Still in the Dark About Her Survival

While it’s clear Mae survived the fall she took in The Acolyte episode 3, it’s not clear how that happened or how she avoided the Jedi in the fire’s aftermath. The final shot of episode 3 showed Mae returning to the Bunta tree where she often met Osha, but it was never revealed how she would eventually get off of Brendok. Mae also seemed relatively unharmed, which is odd considering the Jedi presumed her dead after falling in the cavern.

There have been theories that Mae did not set the fire of her own free will and was instead being manipulated by either one of the witches or a Jedi; however, that has yet to be proven. It’s also odd that Mae suffered no ill effects from the fire and smoke. It seemed that Osha was suffering from smoke inhalation at the end of The Acolyte episode 3, but Mae seemed unaffected. This, too, seems strange – and suggests something else was going on

Mae was the one who originally started the fire on Brendok.

4 The Battle Between The Jedi and The Sith Lord is Going to Be Amazing

This Might Be The Most Highly Anticipated Aspect of the Coming Episode

The Acolyte episode 4 ended on such a huge cliffhanger when it comes to the coming fight between the mysterious Sith Lord and the Jedi. The Sith is obviously incredibly strong, and there have already been short shots of the battle in trailer footage. What might be the most interesting is how the Jedi aim to take on the dark side user. It was clear that Jecki and Yord weren’t sure what the Sith Lord was when he first appeared, so I can’t wait to see how the Jedi adapt.

In this sense, the Sith has the advantage as he knows the Jedi’s customs well. It’ll also be interesting to see if or how Osha and Mae will join the battle. Both are virtually unarmed, and – despite Mae’s training without a lightsaber – she’ll likely still be outmatched against her master. Some of the Jedi are not expected to make it out of this battle alive, but hopefully, The Acolyte will spare the characters audiences have grown to love over the show’s first four episodes.

3 Learning Why Kelnacca Was Drawing the Symbols of the Witches of Brendok

They Were Everywhere!

In the opening of The Acolyte episode 4, audiences got to see the interior of Kelnacca’s home as he prepared food for himself. All over the walls were the circular designs of the witches of Brendok were etched on the walls. These symbols are most notably seen in the middle of Mother Aniseya’s forehead and the corner of Mae’s forehead. Because audiences have seen so little of Kelnacca, it’s still a mystery what role he’s played in Mae and Osha’s origin story.

Trailer footage has shown Kelnacca leaping with hit lightsaber towards who looks like a young Torbin. Many believe that Kelnacca’s eyes look black and that he had been taken over by one of the witches. This would explain why he remembers these circular symbols so well — they might be haunting him. This could also be why Torbin took the Barash Vow, so he could forget the images that troubled him.


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2 What Happened to Qimir After Mae Left Him

Is He The Sith Lord?

One of the leading theories about the Sith Lord’s identity is that he’s been in front of audiences the whole time in the form of Qimir. No matter the validity of this theory, it’s not clear what happened to Qimir after Mae strung him up by his ankle and abandoned him in the forests of Khofar. The last audiences saw of him, he was hanging there asking Mae to cut him down.

At first, he was begging to be let down, then he tried reasoning with her by telling her that the Jedi would imprison her, then finally coldly told Mae her master will kill her.

It’s worth noting that Qimir definitely knows more than he lets on and this has been subtly shown in The Acolyte’s first few episodes. Additionally, once Mae revealed that she planned on turning herself into Kelnacca, Qimir’s demeanor changed. At first, he was begging to be let down, then he tried reasoning with her by telling her that the Jedi would imprison her, then finally coldly told Mae her master will kill her. It’s possible that Qimir is still hanging there, or he could have been cut down by the Sith Lord.

1 Learning How (or if) Mother Koril Survived the Fire on Brendok

We Never Saw Her Body

Of all of the witches on Brendok, Mother Koril was the one that audiences spent the most time with besides Mother Aniseya. Mother Koril wanted what was best for Osha and Mae, but felt that the twins needed to be a bit more disciplined. In The Acolyte episode 3 Osha was running through the destroyed fortress with Master Sol and saw the dead bodies of the witches of Brendok. However, Mother Koril’s body was not among the fallen witches.

Some theories point to Mother Koril as being the Sith Lord, explainiing why Mae has never seen her face. The Thread that was taught by the witches of Brendok was described as being dark and unnatural, which isn’t so far off from being able to wield the dark side of the Force. It could be that Mother Koril perished with the other witches, but she also could’ve been killed offscreen, or even survived. Either way, it’ll be interesting what The Acolyte episode 5 reveals.

New Episodes of The Acolyte premiere on Disney+ on Tuesdays at 9pm EST.

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