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4 Upcoming Sherlock Movies & TV Shows Are Strangely Using The Same Trick


  • Upcoming Sherlock projects are taking the character and its mythos in different directions.
  • These new projects explore different dynamics with Sherlock and related characters.
  • Recent adaptations prove Sherlock Holmes’ versatility in welcoming various interpretations.

Four upcoming Sherlock Holmes projects for film and television have one curious thing in common regarding the iconic detective’s role in their stories. Between the unlikeliness of Sherlock season 5 and the uncertainty of Sherlock Holmes 3, it seemed like Holmes would stay away from the screens for a few years. However, the Sherlock Holmes books continue to inspire creators, with several other projects based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character set to be released in the near future.

The announcement of Guy Ritchie’s Young Sherlock series confirmed that Holmes’ pop culture impact remains even after the conclusion of series like Sherlock and Elementary. Twelve years after Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, the character’s future seems to be on the small screen for now. Interestingly, three upcoming Sherlock-related shows and a movie are using the same trick.

Most Upcoming Sherlock Holmes Project Aren’t Exactly About Sherlock

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Most of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movies and TV shows are not exactly about Sherlock Holmes. This includes CBS’s Watson, The CW’s Sherlock and Daughter, Amazon’s Young Sherlock, and Netflix’s Enola Holmes3. The Watsons series, as suggested by its title, will focus on John Watson. The show will take place in modern-day America and will follow Dr. Watson in the aftermath of Sherlock’s death at the hands of Moriarty. Although Sherlock Holmes’ book history suggests his death is not definitive, Watson will be about its titular character – not Holmes.

Upcoming Sherlock Holmes Movies & TV Shows


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Sherlock and Daughter



Young Sherlock



Enola Holmes 3



Sherlock Holmes 3



Likewise, while not much is known about Sherlock and Daughter, the upcoming CW series will follow an American character, Amelia, who believes she is Sherlock Holme’s daughter. Although Sherlock is in the show – including in the title – the focus of the series appears to be on the dynamic between Holmes and his daughter rather than on Sherlock’s classic detective adventures. Similarly, while Young Sherlock is of course about Sherlock, it will feature a 19-year-old version of the character. Lastly, Sherlock is a supporting character in the Enola Holmes franchise, whose third film doesn’t have a release date yet.

Young Sherlock
is inspired by Andy Lane’s
Young Sherlock Holmes

Why Upcoming Sherlock Projects Are Focusing On Different Characters & Settings

Sherlock Holmes welcomes different interpretations

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters of all time, having received dozens of screen adaptations over the years. From movies recreating some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories to series that reinvented the character for new generations like BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary, there has been a lot of Sherlock Holmes in film and television. Although Sherlock is a major IP on itself, some of the biggest franchises based on the character have concluded not too long ago. Sherlock season 5 has yet to happen; Elementary ended after 7 seasons, and Sherlock Holmes 3’s status is unclear.


Guy Ritchie’s Young Sherlock Series Makes Another Upcoming Sherlock Holmes Project Even More Exciting

Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Young Sherlock series is one of many Sherlock projects currently in development, and one of them just became more exciting.

After so many recent Sherlock projects, it makes sense for studios and networks to try different approaches when it comes to Conan Doyle adaptations. Sherlock is a very versatile character in the sense that he welcomes different interpretations, to the point it can be quite difficult to pick the best Sherlock Holmes actor. Likewise, Sherlock’s universe features characters that are iconic on their own and could sustain their own projects, including but not limited to John Watson. Interestingly, Sherlock Holmes entered full public domain in 2023, allowing for even more interpretations of the character to happen.

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Watson is a drama mystery series based on the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A year after the death of his partner, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson returns to his old life as a physician. However, his life is uprooted once more when Sherlock’s old nemesis and killer, Moriarty, returns. 

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