5 key things Tapswap team addressed in its first X space ever

The team behind Tapswap, the trending web 3-clicker game joined an X space hosted by members of the Ton blockchain community yesterday drawing over 900,000 users.

The X space is the first time millions of users who have been engaging in the Tapswap game will be hearing from the team behind the crypto project they have invested so much in.

The X space was used as an avenue to clear certain doubts surrounding the project and also provide insight into the team behind the project which has garnered millions of players globally.

The X space was hosted by Ton Blockchain the crypto brainchild of social media giants Telegram. Tapswap was invited as guests to introduce themselves virtually for the first time and address underlying issues facing the Web 3 game project.

Nairametrics attended the space and highlighted key points made by the Tapswap team in the space which lasted for about over an hour.

Experienced founders and Team 

In the X space, Tapswap explained that the founders behind the project are not late adopters of cryptocurrency.

They stated that the founders have been involved in cryptocurrency from their early days and have amassed a lot of experience along the way. Their crypto journey started with mining Bitcoin before it became a hit and blew up in price.

Tapswap also hinted at the diversity of its team. According to the speaker, the team is mostly a European team with North American team members as well

The speaker explained further that the Tapswap project was not an accidental success which was founded by chance but a result of experience and dedication paying off.

Tapswap will Pay 

The question on the lips of every Tapswap participant around the world and Nigeria especially remains whether the Tapswap project would be able to financially benefit its players.

The Tapswap team was quizzed on this by the hosts of the X-space and they replied with all confidence that the project would definitely benefit its users financially.

Tapswap stated that despite being taken aback by the enormous success of the project and the number of players it attracted. They were confident that players wouldn’t be let down at the end of the day.

Inspired by Notcoin 

The Tapswap project was inspired by the success of Notcoin according to the Tapswap team. The Tapswap team saw the success of Notcoin and decided to replicate it. They put together a team of professionals across the globe and delivered what would have taken their competitors 5 months to deliver in 1 month.


The Tapswap team was quizzed on the tokenomics of the project and they replied that the tokenomics of the project is nearly complete, but is been hindered by many moving parts, including ongoing communications with multiple exchanges and platforms. Due to these dynamics and recent project developments, Tapswap had to make changes to the documentation.

The Tapswap team actively communicates with Tier 1 exchanges and has received positive feedback on the collaboration. Once finalized, Tapswap will update users on these efforts.

Tapswap confidently stated that a significant portion of all tokens will be allocated to the community.

Controversial Pay-to-Boost Option 

The Tapswap project generated a lot of dust when it announced a pay-to-double-your-points feature. The Tapswap team in their defense yesterday stated that the option was optional and that the crypto project was still free. They stated that the Operational cost of running the project was expensive and the team needed to raise funds to cushion that.

According to them, the payment by the Tapswap community reflected the trust the Tapswap community has for the project and its belief in its success.

What to know 

  • Tapswap announced in the X space that it has now surpassed 53 million players globally making it one of the biggest Web 3 projects in the industry.
  • Tapswap announced that it would be launching on the TON blockchain after it pivoted away from the Solana blockchain. In the X space, they cited that the decision stems from the unexpected result they got following the massive adoption of Tapswap.


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