50 Cent Reacts to Trump’s $200M Fundraising Surge Post-Conviction: “The World’s Almost Over”

50 Cent believes the world is nearing its end after Donald Trump amassed $200 million in donations just three days following his felony conviction. The rap mogul expressed his thoughts in a social media post that quickly went viral.

On Sunday (June 2), 50 Cent shared his reaction on Instagram alongside a report of the former president’s staggering fundraising efforts. “SMH don’t worry the world’s almost over,” he wrote in the caption. “Just enjoy the moment and be happy.” This post came after Trump’s son, Eric, revealed the astonishing amount of donations during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“We’re well over $70 million. This is $21 donations, $43 donations, right, small dollar donations,” Eric Trump claimed. “If you add the large dollar donations to it, you’re over $200 million.”

The donations poured in following Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to hush money payments. Trump’s conviction marks the first time in U.S. history that a president has been convicted of a crime. This unprecedented event has sparked both outrage and support from different segments of the population.

Last week, 50 Cent also shared his surprise at the intensity of Trump supporters’ reactions to the guilty verdict. The conviction and subsequent fundraising success illustrate the deep divisions within the country and the powerful loyalty of Trump’s base.

In a surprising twist, Donald Trump joined TikTok this weekend, despite his previous efforts to ban the platform on national security grounds during his presidency. He launched his account with a video showing his arrival at a recent UFC fight, which quickly garnered over three million likes and followers since its posting on Saturday (June 1).

Trump’s move to TikTok and his substantial fundraising haul underscore his continued influence and the fervent support he enjoys from his followers, even in the face of legal challenges. As the political climate remains highly charged, 50 Cent’s comment reflects a sentiment of disbelief and concern shared by many.

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