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7 Big Doctor Who Mysteries That Were Finally Answered In Season 14, Episode 7

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who season 14 (new season 1), episode 7.


  • Sutekh is revealed as The One Who Waits, returning after almost 50 years on the show to torment the Doctor.
  • Susan Twist’s numerous cameos hold a connection to the villain Sutekh in Doctor Who season 14.
  • The TARDIS has been groaning due to Sutekh’s hidden presence, and the Doctor’s children are yet to be born.

Doctor Who’s latest season is rapidly racing to its inevitable conclusion, and the penultimate episode has already revealed a lot about the mysteries established throughout season 14. Doctor Who was first released in 1963, which means that the lore of the series is incredibly deep and far-reaching. However, the show has gone through several regenerations in its lengthy run, with the latest season once again rebooting the show in an effort to revitalize the franchise.

Showrunner Russell T Davies is responsible for kicking off the first reboot of Doctor Who in 2005, after the show had been off the air for over a decade, with only a TV movie released in the interim. In the almost 20 years since, the show has had highs and lows, but recent years saw the show falling out of favor with many. However, RTD has returned to give the show new life once again, and this latest iteration has been packed with new surprises, twists, and tricks that are all building to an epic conclusion.

7 The True Identity Of The One Who Waits

With the latest season of Doctor Who, RTD and the team of creatives have worked tirelessly to make season 14, alternatively known as the new season 1, special. In addition to the new fantasy and supernatural elements, there are plenty of new mysteries to unravel. As early as the 60th Anniversary special, “The Giggle,” the show had been hinting at a mysterious power known as The One Who Waits. With this mysterious figure having some connection to The Toymaker, there was no clear answer about whom this title was referring to.

This changed definitively in episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” when the identity of this mysterious entity was revealed. The One Who Waits is another old foe of the Doctor that has not been seen in the show for almost 50 years. Sutekh is the self-proclaimed god of all gods who first encountered the Doctor during his Fourth Regeneration (Tom Baker) in the 1975 adventure, “Pyramids of Mars.” This ominous and imposing figure has now been confirmed as the entity that the Toymaker and villains like Maestro were referring to earlier in the season.


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6 Susan Twist’s Recurring Doctor Who Season 14 Cameos

Penny Pepper-Bean (Susan Twist) appears in a chat window next to Ruby (Millie Gibson) and The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) in Doctor Who season 14 episode 5
Image via Disney+

One of the most apparent mysteries that popped up throughout Doctor Who season 14 was the mysterious woman who was spotted in almost every episode. The actress, Susan Twist, has had a prominent recurring role throughout the season, and in one of the three episodes of the 60th Anniversary specials, “Wild Blue Yonder.” However, in each episode, she appears to play unconnected characters. From the face and voice of a futuristic ambulance, to a milk maid in Isaac Newton’s locale, Susan Twist’s face has been seen throughout time and space.

However, it appears that the character has a clear and close connection to the overarching villain of the season, Sutekh. In “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” Twist plays a character named Susan Triad, whose name alluded to a connection to the TARDIS (S Triad is an anagram for TARDIS). However, the tech mogul Triad reveals that the name was actually a reference to Sue Tech, or Sutekh. Beyond her connection with the god, it is unclear how the character connects, but at least her popping up everywhere now makes sense.

5 Why The TARDIS Has Been Groaning Throughout Doctor Who Season 14

Elderly Ruby sitting in front of the abandoned TARDIS on the Coastline of Wales in Doctor Who season 14 episode 4
Image via Disney+

As early as “Wild Blue Yonder,” the TARDIS has been having more problems than usual. The Doctor’s most faithful and enduring time-traveling companion, his ship, has always had some slight issues. Between the faulty chameleon circuit and the frequent landings in the wrong time or place, the TARDIS is certainly prone to minor issues. However, it normally has a specific rhythm, and reliably lands without much of a problem. This season, the TARDIS has been crying out in load groans and crash landing far more often than normal, and episode 7 finally revealed why.

When the Doctor and Ruby stepped into UNIT’s Time Window, they were able to discover a presence surrounding the TARDIS that had remained hidden up to that point. When the Doctor first met Ruby in “The Church on Ruby Road,” he had to rescue a baby Ruby from time-traveling goblins. However, that same night, a presence surrounding his TARDIS, which resembled a large black and glowing red cloud swirled arounf his trusty ship. This presence later reveals itself to be a manifestation of Sutekh, but when exactly it attached itself to the TARDIS is still uncertain.


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4 The Doctor’s Children Haven’t Been Born Yet

Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman talking to someone in a classroom in Doctor Who.

Perhaps the oldest mystery in Doctor Who relates to his family. The Doctor has always been elusive about his family, his history and his life before traveling in the TARDIS. But one thing that was revealed in the very first episode was the fact that the Doctor had a granddaughter who went by the name of Susan Foreman. The Doctor and Susan travel together in his stolen TARDIS, and by standard human logic, the fact that the Doctor has a granddaughter, implies he had children earlier. However, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” provided some surprising new context about this relationship.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, a Gallifreyan who has access to time travel. This means that he is able to adventure to the furthest reaches of space, as well as either end of time. However, Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor reveals that he has not had children yet. This wouldn’t make sense for a human on a linear timeline, but Time Lords have a different relationship with time. This explains why the Doctor has not gone into detail about his family, although, in earlier RTD episodes starring David Tennant, he did refer to his kids and a wife in the past tense. How very Timey Wimey.

3 What Happened To Sutekh After His Fourth Doctor Episode

Sutekh in the Doctor Who classic era

In the original story where Sutekh was first introduced, the Doctor comes out victorious after a grueling and terribly difficult adventure. “Pyramids of Mars” ended with Sutekh dying as the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith escape into the TARDIS to escape the terrible explosion. However, as a god, it would make sense for Sutekh to be much more durable than other mortal beings. Sutekh may have appeared to die and disappear for good in that 1975 adventure, but season 14 reveals a very different fate for the god of all gods.

Rather than simply dying of old age or an explosion, Sutekh escaped his fate and managed to continue existing in some other way. Whether he has lain dormant for the thousands of years that elapsed on Earth from “Pyramids of Mars” to “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” or if he was somewhere outside time lying in wait, Sutekh never died. It appears he also made some sort of connection with the other gods whom he rules over, considering their fear and warnings about his imminent arrival to the Doctor and Ruby during this season.


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2 What The Mara Really Is

Tegan is taken over by the Mara in Doctor Who: Snakedance

Speaking of Sutekh’s godly family tree, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” exposed another detail about his lineage and his pantheon of gods. While the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials brought the Toymaker, an ancient god the Doctor faced long ago in his first form back, the following episodes expanded on the godly dynasty within the Whoniverse. Sutekh is the father of the gods, and proclaims his relationship as such in episode 7. While detailing his own identity, he refers to others in that family tree, including another old rival who appeared in a Fifth Doctor story, the Mara.

While the Mara was already revealed to be a child of Sutekh, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” expanded on the Mara’s identity by revealing their title as the “god of beasts.” This further expands the identity of the giant snake-like creature that terrorized the Doctor in “Kinda.” This ultimately shows how much RTD is trying to connect the series between the classic adventures and the modern era, rather than simply ignoring the previous stories that helped to establish Doctor Who as the longest running sci-fi show of all time.

1 Rose’s Fate After Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary

Rose Noble helping the Doctor and Donna from the console in Doctor Who.

However, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday did not ignore modern Doctor Who and even added a character who was introduced during the recent 60th Anniversary specials. Rose Noble, the daughter of Donna Noble and Shaun Temple, was first introduced in “The Star Beast.” While her character had a notable role in the episodes where she appeared, she was last seen settling down with her family, and the recently bi-generated Fourteenth Doctor, played by Tennant. With Fourteen and Donna being closely tied to her character, it was not guaranteed that her character could make much of a return. However, she is actively working at UNIT in episode 7.

Donna secures a job with UNIT at the end of “The Giggle,” but Rose appears to have proven her ability to work there as well. When the Fifteenth Doctor sees Rose at UNIT HQ, he is incredibly excited and greets her, asking how her uncle is doing. This is a reference to his earlier self, as there was no other uncle referenced in her episodes, and Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor declares how pleased he is to have a niece. Thankfully, the fate of Rose and her family appeared to be positive up until Doctor Who episode 7, but the arrival of Sutekh could still change everything ahead of the final episode.

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