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8 Suits Characters Who Cant Be Missing From The Suits Reunion Movie


  • Essential Suits characters must return for any potential reunion movie to truly work.
  • Beloved characters like Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson’s storylines need closure in a movie.
  • Meghan Markle’s return as Rachel Zane may be unlikely, but not entirely out of the question.

If Suits was going to return for a reunion movie, some essential characters would need to come back. While audiences have been waiting for the upcoming spin-off series Suits: L.A., this has reignited the conversation on whether the main series was also due a return, which Mike Ross’s actor Patrick J. Adams has not ruled out (via Variety), even going as far as to state, “I think it’s possible.” Of course, this meant a movie was far from confirmed, but it still begged the question of what characters should be in it if a movie were made.

Although some vital main characters had left Suits by the time the series by the time the show originally ended after nine seasons in 2019, for a reunion to truly work, they would need to return. There were also beloved Suits characters who weren’t necessarily part of the main cast who audiences would be delighted to see in any potential Suits movie in the future. With such an interesting array of compelling characters, there were so many options for who could turn up in a potential Suits movie.

8 Dana Scott

Played by Abigail Spencer

Dana Scott was first introduced in Suits Season 1 as Harvey Specter’s legal rival and former romantic partner. The two characters had an on-again-off-again romance throughout the show, and the creator’s original endgame plan for Harvey was to have him end up with Dana Scott instead of Donna Paulsen. However, over the course of the series, this dynamic shifted for the better as their relationship was full of lies, deceit, and major trust issues.

However, considering Dana’s character’s deep connection to Harvey, it would make sense for her to return for the movie and maybe act as the catalyst for the entire storyline. To see Dana and Harvey working around each other once again could create some major tension within his relationship with Donna and put their marriage to the test in a potential Suits movie. To add to this, Abigail Spencer gave a memorably great performance as Dana, and it would be great to see her reprise the character one more time.

7 Rachel Zane

Played by Meghan Markle

As the wife of Mike Ross and one of the most important characters in Suits, from a narrative point of view, the return of Rachel Zane in a potential movie makes complete sense. However, the behind-the-scenes circumstances of Rachel’s actress, Meghan Markle, puts her return in question. Since departing Suits at the end of Season 7, Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry, joined the British royal family, and retired from acting entirely.

Although these circumstances made Rachel’s appearance in the Suits movie feel unlikely, Markle has never stayed entirely out of the spotlight and continued to be a public figure, even starring in the docuseries Harry & Meghan on Netflix. Markle initially retired to focus on her royal duties, but in 2020, she and her husband stepped down from their royal duties (via BBC), which could open the door for her to return to acting someday. Adding to this, in an interview with Oprah, when asked if she would return to Suits, Markle stated, “Never say never.”

6 Jessica Pearson

Played by Gina Torres

Considering the discussion of a potential Suits reunion movie and the upcoming spin-off series Suits: LA, it’s important to remember one Suits character who already had their own spin-off, Jessica Pearson. In the short-lived series Pearson, the former managing partner of Pearson Hardman, entered the dirty world of Chicago politics as she started an entirely new life for herself. If Suits were to return for a reunion movie, it would be essential to give audiences closure on Jessica’s storyline and showcase whether she ever came back to New York.

Jessica was one of the most ambitious characters in Suits, and she often displayed an intelligence that went far beyond the legal sphere. With a strong moral compass, Pearson found herself disillusioned by the legal world, which influenced her decision to move and work with the Chicago mayor in the first place. All of these loose threads would make Jessica’s return in a potential Suits movie fascinating to view.

5 Louis Litt

Played by Rick Hoffman

The self-serving and often underhanded acts of Louis Litt made him a sometimes antagonist on Suits, who, over the course of the show’s run, grew into one of the series’ most compelling characters. Litt was a skilled laywer who often felt underappreciated in his work and tried at every turn to ensure he would be made a partner at Pearson Hardman. Eventually, Litt achieved this goal, and in Season 4, the firm became Pearson Specter Litt.

Litt was an important character throughout every season of Suits, and a potential movie would have been practically unimaginable without him being involved in some way. Although Litt had mostly put his differences with Harvey Specter and Mike Ross aside by the final seasons, a Suits movie could play into his earlier character traits and see him go back to his deceitful and devious ways. Suits would have never become as popular as it did without the character of Litt, which meant he must return for the movie.

4 Sheila Shaz

Played by Rachael Harris

With Louis Litt’s appearance in a potential Suits movie pretty much guaranteed, it’s equally important that his wife, Sheila Shaz, appears alongside him. Sheila was introduced as the admissions officer at Harvard University, and she had a whirlwind and rocky romance with Litt throughout the series. Sheila’s job at Harvard was essential to the fraud investigation against Mike Ross and Pearson Specter Litt, as Mike lied about graduating from the college with a law degree.

As a feisty and strong-willed character, Sheila was an important addition to Suits’ incredible cast of determined and powerful women, which helped make the show such a success. The last time viewers saw Sheila, she had recently married Litt, and they had a baby together named Lucy. If a Suits movie were to be made, then it’s important that viewers get to see how her relationship with Litt has developed over the years and how they coped with life as parents together.

3 Donna Paulsen

Played by Sarah Rafferty

Donna Paulsen was Harvey Specter’s secretary and closest confidant for much of Suits, and by the end of the series, the two had confessed their love for one another and gotten married. As a beautiful, confident, funny, and highly intelligent woman, Donna was always a favorite character among Suits viewers, and no potential movie would feel complete if she did not, at the very least, make an appearance. Although Donna worked in an administrative role throughout Suits, she consistently proved her nuanced understanding of the law and ability to adapt to almost any given situation quickly.

Throughout Suits, Donna continually proved her importance to the firm, and in Season 7, she even became COO of Pearson Specter Litt, which further demonstrated her essential contributions to the firm. Not only would Donna’s character being present in a Suits movie make sense from a narrative point of view, but it would also be an important aspect of the success of the film as she brought humor to every scene she was in. As a deeply empathetic and caring character who also knew exactly when to stand up to executives, Donna must be in any potential Suits movie.

2 Mike Ross

Played by Patrick J. Adams

It was the actor who portrayed Mike Ross, Patrick J. Adams, who first kicked off all rumors of a Suits movie with his assertion that he thought a reunion movie could be possible. However, Suits viewers would be well aware that Mike left the show after seven seasons and only appeared as a recurring character in Season 9. This meant there’s a world where a Suits movie could be made without Mike’s involvement, although for it to truly feel like a reunion, he would almost certainly need to return.

Mike moved to Seattle at the end of Season 7 after accepting Andy Forsyth’s offer to run his own legal clinic on cases he believed in against large corporations. This development could act as the catalyst for a potential Suits movie, whether it was the main cast coming to see Mike in Seattle or a big case forcing him to come back and work in New York. Either way, Adams has already expressed his willingness to return as Mike, and if a movie were to happen, it’s likely he would play a major part in it.

1 Harvey Specter

Played by Gabriel Macht

Of course, no Suits movie would feel complete without the appearance of Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, the charming, smooth, and witty named partner at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. Harvey’s character was an essential part of the success of Suits, and there’s no way a movie could work without, at the very least, his appearance, or even better, as the main character. Harvey’s cutthroat legal practice, paired with his good-natured demeanor, made him one of the most watchable characters on the show, and viewers would turn out in droves to see him return for the Suits movie.

The ending of Suits saw Harvey impulsively proposing to Donna and quickly getting married, and after so many years since the finale, audiences would be curious to pick up on their relationship. With close connections to every main cast member of Suits, Harvey’s appearance would be almost certain if a movie were to happen. Although the earliest seasons focused on Mike Ross becoming a lawyer without ever passing the bar, by the time the show ended, Harvey had become the show’s true main character, and as such, he needed to be in any potential Suits movie.

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