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A 2024 Dinosaur Show Has 1 Thing The Jurassic Park Movies Have Been Missing For 31 Years


  • Ark: The Animated Series introduces prehistoric mammals alongside dinosaurs, offering a new perspective on the ancient world different from Jurassic Park.
  • Jurassic Park, while iconic, focuses solely on dinosaurs, missing out on the diverse creatures of the era.
  • Both Ark and Jurassic Park have their strengths, but adding prehistoric mammals to the franchise could elevate it further.

Since 1993, Jurassic Park has been at the forefront of dinosaur content, but this year, a new dinosaur series has hit Paramount+, Ark: The Animated Series, and its menagerie of creatures may finally give the iconic franchise a run for its money. Ark: The Animated Series is a 2024 adult animated show based on ARK: Survival Evolved that follows Helena Walker, a paleontologist who wakes up on an island of dinosaurs. At first glance, Ark and Jurassic Park seem quite similar, however, their shared use of dinosaurs is just one commonality. In reality, Ark has more to offer beyond reptiles.

It is no secret that the Jurassic Park movies are the blueprint for dinosaur-centric content. Although the franchise began thirty years ago, it remains a highly profitable and beloved film series. In fact, Jurassic World 4 is currently in development. But, despite its fame, Jurassic Park is not the end-all-be-all of dinosaur content, and Ark: The Animated Series is proving that. Ark not only has an amazing collection of dinosaurs, but it also offers deep, human plotlines and, unlike Jurassic Park, offers a glimpse at prehistoric mammals as well as reptiles.


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Ark: The Animated Series Has Prehistoric Mammals (Jurassic Park Doesn’t)

Jurassic Park has only focused on dinosaurs

Helena looking at a dinosaur in Ark The Animated Series

Jurassic Park may be the champion of dinosaur movies, but this fact only makes sense. Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs are its main draw. Although the title includes the term “jurassic,” referring to a 54 million-year geological period during the Mesozoic Era, the films only center on a small part of the overall population at that time via dinosaurs and reptiles. Sure, dinosaurs were roaming Earth during the jurassic period, but so were countless other mammals society no longer sees today. That is where Ark: The Animated Series comes in, and does what Jurassic Park never has before.

Ark: The Animated Series not only includes dinosaurs and reptiles, but other prehistoric mammals as well. For example, one of thefirst interactions Helena has on The Island iswith a Dodo, a flightless bird that is now extinct but lived during the jurassic period until the 17th century. Via the Dodo, Helena comes into contact with another human on the island called Bob. Ark: The Animated Series also includes creatures like the saber-tooth tiger. Ultimately, Ark is shining a light on prehistoric mammals that Jurassic Park has historically ignored.

Ark: The Animated Series
is based on a 2015 video game called
ARK: Survival Evolved

Prehistoric Mammals That Would Look Great In Live Action

Prehistoric mammals as interesting as dinosaurs

Helena with a dodo Ark the animated series

Now that Ark: The Animated Series has given certain prehistoric mammals a slice of the limelight, it may be time for Jurassic Park to do the same. This would be a particularly cool step up from Ark because Jurassic Park is a live-action film series rather than an animated one, so the animals would be portrayed just as they would have been in the jurassic era. Like Ark, Jurassic Park should include mammals like the saber-tooth tiger, the mastodon, the giant sloth, the giant beaver, arctotherium, and more. There are mammals both familiar and unique to mammals known today.

Aside from how the mammals themselves would look, including prehistoric mammals in
Jurassic Park
would be an amazing addition because it would make the movies better.

Although the park itself is scientifically controlled, with certain individuals picking and choosing its animal inhabitants, it would feel much more accurate to history if the park included as many mammals as dinosaurs. As previously mentioned, dinosaurs were not the only animals roaming around at that time, and therefore, if more mammals were included, then Jurassic Park/World would be much closer to representing the real habitat of the real jurassic era.

Why Prehistoric Mammals Wouldn’t Break Jurassic Park’s Rules

Jurassic Park already has flexible rules

One concern with adding more mammals to Jurassic Park is that these animals may not have been around in the specific period that the film franchise is going for. Furthermore, maybe Jurassic Park thrives from just centering on dinosaurs. However, Jurassic Park’s rules are far more slippery than they seem. Throughout the franchise, Jurassic Park has managed to include animals that are not technically dinosaurs, such as the Dimetredon. On top of that, the timeframe for certain dinos or reptiles isn’t always precise either. Therefore, Jurassic Park could easily add mammals, regardless of era or species.

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Overall, if Jurassic Park took a page out of the book of Ark: The Animated Series, then it could truly enter a new level for the iconic film franchise. Since the 90s, Jurassic Park has successfully brought dinosaurs to movie theaters, and now, it is time to introduce more extinct creatures that viewers may not even know about. This is also a sign for Jurassic Park fans to watch Ark: The Animated Series. Though the two are different in many ways, they certainly share a love of dinosaurs and the prehistoric era.

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