Amy Flamy Breaks Down Over Recent Conflict with IShowSpeed

The ongoing drama between YouTube sensation Darren “IShowSpeed” and influencer Amy Flamy has captured the attention of their followers and the broader online community. The two initially met during IShowSpeed’s visit to South Korea in May, and Amy Flamy has since appeared in several of his streams. Their apparent on-screen chemistry sparked numerous relationship rumors, making them a fan-favorite pair.

However, recent events have led to a rift between the duo. The tension escalated when a hairstylist named Courtney made disparaging remarks about Amy Flamy during one of IShowSpeed’s streams. This incident upset Amy, who subsequently went live on her TikTok to express her frustration.

“You can’t call someone your girlfriend when you are not communicating on a daily basis. Even then, I respected everything. But now, it really got confusing. Does he like me, or does he not like me? I was frustrated but I never said anything,” Amy shared, visibly emotional. She continued, tearing up, “Maybe he is just using me for content. Maybe…I was kept in the dark about everything.”

When a viewer accused her of making IShowSpeed look bad, she retorted, “How am I making him look bad when he is literally taking advice from other girls and doing it on stream, calling him on stream.”

In response to the unfolding drama, IShowSpeed went live on June 10, 2024, to clarify his stance on his relationship with Amy Flamy. He emphasized that despite their chemistry, they were never officially a couple. “Let me make this clear, too, chat. Me and Amy were never together. Amy was never my girlfriend. I do want to make that clear. I know I said that Amy was my girlfriend, but chat, she was never actually my girlfriend. When I asked her to be my girlfriend, even in messages, she said, ‘I don’t know yet. I need more time. I don’t know.’ A few more dates and she would answer it,” he explained.

IShowSpeed admitted his mistake in seeking advice from Courtney about Amy, acknowledging, “I fked up and I asked… so this all happened because I asked another girl. I asked another girl about advice of what should I say to her, and that’s where I fked up.”

Adding his perspective, IShowSpeed’s cameraman and close friend Slipz addressed the situation during a live broadcast on Slipz revealed that many interactions between Amy and Darren were pre-planned. “The entire stream (between Amy and Darren) was planned. The first stream was planned and there have been multiple situations where it has been, ‘Hey, if anything else, we both know this isn’t gonna work because you live across the world’.”

Slipz also pointed out that Amy had declined Darren’s request to be his girlfriend. “Also, we can’t skip over the fact that Speed did say explicitly, ‘Be my girlfriend,’ and she said, ‘no.’ She is the one who kind of backed off it. So for her to go on TikTok live when she was upset on something that someone else had said on stream and act like they are in love, is kinda crazy.”

As the drama continues to unfold, fans of both IShowSpeed and Amy Flamy are left wondering what the future holds for their on-screen dynamic and personal relationship.

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