‘Anybody That Speaks About State Police, Regional Govt Is An Enemy Of Nigeria’ – Galadima

Chieftain of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Buba Galadima, has frowned at the call for state police and regional government in the country.

Naija News reports that there has been a call for the creation of state police and regional system of government, a move that could potentially redefine Nigeria’s political landscape.

However, Galadima, in an interview with Arise News on Monday night, asserted that those calling for state police and regional government are unaware of the history and reason it was abolished.

According to him, those speaking about the issue are enemies of Nigeria because they want to divide the country and kill democracy.

He said, “Anywhere I go in Nigeria, the constitution says I am free to be a resident, do business, move about and free to own property, is that what is happening all over the country? It is because we don’t have strong leaders and that is why people are talking about state police and regional government.

“Do they know the history of why the state police was abolished? If they know, anyone who talks about state police is an enemy of Nigeria because they want to divide the country and kill democracy with the state police. Just imagine that Fubara owes a state police and Wike attempts to go into Rivers.

“Those people in the National Assembly should be careful not to play with fire. They want to disintegrate the country by playing with issues such as regionalism. Even in the current constitution, there are many people looking for state. If there is a state police military will return.”

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