“Ask your lover what hë/she thinks about NLC/TUC and listen to what you are dating” – Alex Ekubo urges unmarried couples; netizens react

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has urged unmarried couples to probe their partners on their views about National issues.

He admonished them to ask their lovers what they think about the ongoing Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) strike in Nigeria and their thoughts on the demand for a new minimum wage and listen to what one is dating.

Alex further expressed hope that for one’s born and unborn kids, the love of one’s kids knows the meaning and function of NLC and TUC.

“Ask your lover what hë/she thinks about the ongoing NLC & TUC strike in Nigeria, & their thoughts on the demand for a new minimum wage & listen to WHAT you’re dating.

I really hope for the sake of your kids, born & unborn; the LOYL knows the meaning & function of NLC & TUC; otherwise, Adieu in addy.

Do you agree with the NLC & TUC on their demands?”.

His post didn’t sit well with some online users, who tackled him via his comment section.

One Ikwanni wrote, “Wetin concern Nigerian lovers with those ones

One Dimple Droch wrote, “Some babes are rather opening their legs for 20m, they can’t engage in such discussion

One Vidaoma wrote, “Not everyone is invested in economic and social issues. The fact we should all have 3 valid opinions to agree or disagree still does not justify the fact that one is more enlightened or educated. Your partner is expected to contribute to things that interest them

One Trust Mabel wrote, “If hë/she doesn’t know, that doesn’t make them any less of a human. You can educate your partner”.

Alex Ekubo talks about NLC and TUC

Early this year, Alex kicked against the popular slogan of the year, ‘No gree for anybody’, as he noted how the slogan is breeding violence and fostering revenge culture. He admonished Nigerians to be more tolerant and considerate towards each other.

Last year, in the wake of Mohbad’s death, Ekubo shared a deep message about the irony of life. He noted how people cry for the dead yet keep malice with the living and pointed out how we envy the successful and avoid the broke (poor) ones.

While also mourning the late Junior Pope, he prayed that one be surrounded by people with wisdom and human sympathy in one’s helpless moments. The light-skinned actor further went on to question what the meaning of life is as he noted how one minute one is alive, another minute the person can be dead.

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