Asmongold Speculates a Dead Animal in His House, Promises to Clean Up

Twitch sensation Zack “Asmongold” has captured social media’s attention once again, this time with a startling revelation about the state of his home. The OTK co-founder, who has a reputation for his untidy living conditions, shared that he is “70% sure” there is a dead animal somewhere in his house. This admission comes as viewers and fellow streamers often highlight his messy environment.

During a live stream on his secondary account, Zackrawrr, on June 7, 2024, Asmongold candidly discussed the disarray in his room. With his usual mix of humor and frankness, he speculated about the possibility of a deceased creature within his living space:
“I feel like there is at least one dead animal in my house right now. I feel like, I am like 70% sure there is one dead animal in the house right now.”

Asmongold’s household mess is well-documented, frequently becoming a topic of conversation among his audience and peers. However, the potential presence of a dead animal seems to have prompted a significant shift. Following his grim speculation, he expressed a determination to finally clean up:
“And it’s been there for a while. Yeah, yeah ’cause, um, there is mold and sh*t everywhere too and I feel like I am going to clean my house. I am going to be honest, I feel like I am actually going to have to clean my house.”

The streamer emphasized the health implications of his current living conditions, noting that the disarray might be affecting his well-being:
“I am going to clean my house. Because it’s gotten so bad that like, I feel like it might be debuffing me. Because I remember back in a long time I have never, you guys might not believe this, I can get food poisoning, throw up all over myself, sleep for an hour, wake up and feel great. I got COVID for like a day. I do not get sick.”

Asmongold even pointed out that he could feel a difference in his health based on where he was in his room:
“And I do feel like I am debuffing myself because I think I feel better over there than I did here. Yeah, actually I didn’t realize that it was this bad.”

In response to his decision to clean, Asmongold’s viewers encouraged him to document the process. He agreed to share parts of his cleaning journey, planning to post a “before and after” comparison of his home’s condition:
“I’ll show it a bit. I am probably going to post a before and after sh*t, it’s going to take me a long time.”

Asmongold’s lifestyle choices and home environment have often been subjects of criticism. Recently, fellow Twitch streamer Kaceytron sparked controversy by suggesting that his untidy house had put his mother’s health at risk.

With his latest declaration, Asmongold seems poised to address these concerns head-on, potentially improving his living conditions and setting a new standard for his personal space. Fans and followers are now eagerly anticipating the transformation of his home, curious to see the impact of this long-overdue cleanup.

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