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Avengers 5 Could Almost Double Endgame's Marvel Character Count, MCU Insider Reveals


  • The Avengers 5 cast is rumored to be bigger than Avengers: Endgame.
  • Shawn Levy is eyed to direct with an ensemble consisting of over 60 cast members.
  • The Phase 6 feature will reportedly have equal footing for characters.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe cast for Avengers 5 is reportedly looking to be bigger than the cast for Avengers: Endgame. As Deadpool & Wolverine will be doing a big push for The Multiverse Saga this summer, with Phase 5 getting closer to its end. But as the MCU timeline gets into Phase 6, Marvel Studios is getting closer to both Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars, which are in various stages of development at the moment.

As Deadline reported that Shawn Levy is currently being eyed to direct Avengers 5, their sources also mentioned that more than 60 cast members are possibly being brought together for the upcoming Marvel movie. The trade mentions that, unlike the past Avengers movies, Avengers 5 would see that many of the characters in this film would have equal footing, making it more of an ensemble feature instead of a handful of characters leading the team.At the time of this story’s publication, Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to comment on the recent Avengers 5 reports.


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Avengers 5’s Record-Breaking Cast Could Cause Marvel Issues

If Levy ends up directing Avengers 5 with a cast that big, it would certainly be exciting for the MCU audience to see over 60 characters featured in the film. To see Avengers 5 somehow being able to outdo the amount of characters Avengers: Endgame featured would be an impressive accomplishment, to say the least. However, this could serve as both a gift and a curse for Marvel Studios in the long run.

Eying more than 60 players for Avengers 5 would mean that the film is going to be the most expensive MCU movie that has ever been produced, especially if they are trying to bring back former cast members like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Another obstacle that is worth taking into account is Avengers: Secret Wars, which will now be forced to raise the bar that Avengers 5 is setting for itself in some form – an almost impossible task if its prequel is able to pull off a crossover of that magnitude.

The most realistic solution to this situation would be if Avengers 5 ends up being Avengers: Secret Wars – Part I, thus having this record-breaking-sized cast featured in the respective films. But even with that approach, ensuring every single character has their fair share of character development and time to shine would be a truly Herculean task. Hopefully, the larger vision for Avengers 5 will start to get clarified over the next couple of months.

Source: Deadline

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