AXA Mansard staff pledge to mitigate effects of waste on waste, environment

Hundreds of AXA Mansard employees have volunteered for different activities to mit­igate the effect of waste on water and the environment.

In commemoration of their an­nual sustainability week, AXA Week for Good, hundreds of the company’s employees collected waste from their homes, offices, and the environment to improve the health of marine life and raise awareness about the required behavioural change to mitigate the impact of climate change.

AXA Week for Good is a significant part of the company’s global volunteer­ing programme, AXA Hearts In Action (AHIA), which aims to contribute to positive societal and environmental impacts through employee volunteer­ing, expertise, related financial sup­port, and in-kind donations.

“Through the AHIA, our employees do not just give time to great causes; we work together for a better future.

“We share our knowledge and ex­pertise as a people with a shared pur­pose of acting for human progress by protecting what matters; by helping vulnerable communities around us,” said Rashidat Adebisi, Chief Client Officer, AXA Mansard.

Under the theme “Trash to Trea­sure,” AXA Mansard employees par­ticipated in awareness walks to sen­sitize the public about the impact of waste on water.

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