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Bad Batch Star Teases "Tantalizing" Setup For Spinoff Star Wars TV Show


  • The Bad Batch
    star Dee Bradley Baker discusses unresolved clone storylines, hinting at future developments in the
    Star Wars
  • Baker mentions the unique challenges faced by characters like Echo, Cody, Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor, sparking curiosity among fans.
  • The possibility of exploring these clone stories through an anthology series like
    Tales of the Empire
    offers an exciting avenue for future storytelling.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch star Dee Bradley Baker discusses the lingering storylines from the animated series. Other than Omega, who is voiced by Michelle Ang, Baker voiced all the members of the titular Bad Batch, along with all the other male clones who appeared throughout the show’s three seasons, reprising many of the characters he voiced in The Clone Wars along with several new additions to Star Wars canon. The Bad Batch concluded after three seasons on Disney+, but not all the clones’ endings were fully addressed.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Baker mentions some of the “tantalizing” clone storylines that could still be further explored. He highlights specific characters whose stories he feels are not yet complete, especially when considering developments with these characters in The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, and Star Wars Rebels. He emphasizes the curiosity that he and many viewers have in regard to the unanswered questions about these characters. Check out Baker’s comments below:

Well, it’s tantalizing, isn’t it? Because a number of the clones are still in play, including Echo, and his is a really remarkable story. He’s had a uniquely challenging story to overcome with how he’s been put through the wringer when he was captured and then kind of reassembled as part machine. And yet he comes out of this with this attitude of, “Let’s get back in there and let’s make things better,” and people really love that. So I’m encouraged that these threads are still open for storytelling. Like what happens to [clone Commander] Cody? Where does Echo go? How do [clones] Rex and Wolffe and Gregor end up getting together and then eventually end up in a fishing spaceship on a [remote planet] at some point? How do these things happen?
Everybody wants to know because they love these clones

Dee Bradley Baker Is Right; There’s Still A Story To Be Told

And There’s Already A Good Avenue To Do It

In addition to the clones Baker mentioned, there is also the mystery of what happens to Howzer, who is already part of Rex’s clone network, and Emerie Karr, a Disney Star Wars character who needs to be seen again, and who joins Echo and Rex’s network as well. The answer to telling these lingering clone stories may not be through another full-fledged series akin to The Bad Batch, but instead through following the template of the Tales of the Jedi and Tales of the Empire anthology shows.

A character like Morgan Elsbeth didn’t need an entire series dedicated to her, with three short episodes in Tales of the Empire being the perfect way to fill in the gaps in her story after The Mandalorian season 2 and Ahsoka. A Tales of the Clones series following the structure of its predecessors, six short episodes, each with three episodes focused on a single character or group of characters, could be the answer. One of the three episode arcs could finally reveal how Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor end up on Seelos, and why Wolffe becomes particularly paranoid.

Another one of the arcs could focus more on Echo and the bond he was forming with Emerie. Cody, Howzer, and other clones could be incorporated as well, as could Omega and her adventures after she leaves Pabu and joins the Rebellion. The Bad Batch ending brought a satisfying conclusion for Omega, Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker, but there are still more clone stories left to tell, and Tales of the Clones may be the best way to tell them in the animation style of The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch
is streaming on Disney+.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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