Benue bride: Sharon Ooja pays tribute to the Idoma culture with second outfit

Sharon Ooja brought out the Benue woman in her, when she came out in the second outfit for her wedding, and she didn’t do it alone.

Representing the Idoma culture where she’s from, Sharon Ooja wore a black and red striped dress, which is known as the ‘APA or Edema’, and it had hints of modern fashion on it, with a transparent corset with intricate beaded designs all over it.

She also added a black a red and black ‘Gele’ from the same material as her dress. To top it up, Sharon Ooja added a traditional hand fan with her husband’s surname ‘Nwoke’ inscribed on it.

Mr Nwoke wore a black bedazzled ‘Senator’ shirt, with matching black pants, black shoes, a traditional Idoma hat, and red beads.

Sharon Ooja’s first dress for her wedding was a white lace dress that had butterfly designs as sleeves. Her husband matched her outfit with a white two piece, consisting of long white top, paired with a matching underskirt.

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