BREAKING: Davido Reacts To Trump Vs Biden First 2024 US Presidential Debate

BREAKING: Davido Reacts To Trump Vs Biden First 2024 US Presidential Debate—Newly wedded Nigerian singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has reacted to President Joe Biden debate with trump which started with a raspy voice and disjointed, rambling answers, reigniting Democratic concerns about his age and ability to take on former President Donald Trump.


He made this known in a recent post via his official X platform.

In the first moments of Thursday’s debate, President Biden stumbled as he flubbed some early lines as his voice appeared ready to give out, while sources said he was suffering from a cold.

President Joe Biden was supposed to put the nation’s mind at ease over his physical and mental capacity with his debate showing Thursday night.


But from the onset of the debate, the 81-year-old seemingly struggled even to talk, mostly summoning a weak, raspy voice. In the opening minutes, the president repeatedly tripped over his words, misspoke and lost his train of thought.

In one of the most notable moments, Biden ended a rambling statement that lacked focus by saying, “We finally beat Medicare,” before moderators cut him off and transitioned back to Trump.

While Biden warmed up and gained more of a rhythm as the debate progressed, he struggled to land a punch against Trump, much less fact-check the former president, as Trump unleashed a torrent of bad information.


Many of the president’s answers were hard to follow. At one point, seemingly losing his train of thought, Biden said “we finally beat Medicare,” misspeaking about his own policy on earned benefits.


Trump also pounced on Biden, saying at one point that he didn’t understand what Biden had just said with regard to the border.

“I don’t know if he knows what he said either,” Trump said.

As a staunch democrat, he wrote:

Still a democrat sha but worst presidential debate EVER …


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