Breaking: NAFDAC warns public against falsified non-dairy creamer products in Nigeria

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has issued a stern warning to the public regarding the illicit distribution and sale of falsified Ginny Non-Dairy Creamer products in Nigeria.

These products, primarily popular in the northern regions of the country, have been flagged for serious regulatory violations and pose significant risks to consumers.

Non-dairy creamer, often used as a milk substitute in various beverages and food preparations, has become a target for counterfeiters looking to exploit its high demand.

The falsified versions of Ginny Non-Dairy Creamer have been found to deviate substantially from regulatory standards, including NAFDAC’s Pre-Packaged Food Labelling Guidelines.

Falsified product vs Genuine product

Key irregularities identified

Upon comparing the falsified product with a genuine batch of Ginny Non-Dairy Creamer, several discrepancies and non-compliances were identified:

  • The falsified batch labeled as “Ginny Milky Creamer” contradicts the authentic product name, “Ginny Non-Dairy Creamer,” leading to potential consumer confusion.
  • Unlike the genuine product, which specifies FUJIAN JUMBO GRAND FOOD CO.LTD. in China as the manufacturer, the falsified batch lacks clear manufacturing details, raising concerns about its origins and quality control.
  • The falsified products notably lack a NAFDAC registration number, a crucial indicator of compliance with safety and quality standards enforced by the agency.
  • Critical details such as the type of “creamer” (dairy or non-dairy), net weight (indicated ambiguously as “±35g”), and misleading pictorial representations.

What you should know

In response to these findings, NAFDAC has directed its zonal directors and state coordinators to intensify surveillance efforts to identify and remove the falsified Ginny Non-Dairy Creamer products from circulation.

Distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers are strongly advised to exercise caution when purchasing packaged food products, ensuring they obtain them only from authorized and licensed suppliers.

Consumers who suspect they have purchased falsified Ginny Creamer products, or any other substandard regulated goods are urged to report their concerns promptly to NAFDAC.

Reports can be made through various channels, including the NAFDAC hotline and email, to facilitate swift regulatory action and protect public health.

Healthcare professionals and consumers are also encouraged to report any adverse effects or side effects related to the use of NAFDAC-regulated products, leveraging the agency’s electronic reporting platforms.


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