BREAKING: Nigerian pilgrim delivers first baby of 2024 Hajj in Saudi Arabia

A 30-year-old Nigerian pilgrim has given birth to a  baby boy at a Saudi Arabian hospital in Makkah.

The pilgrim arrived at the Saudi hospital’s emergency room after experiencing labour pains at 31 weeks of the pregnancy.

The emergency team swiftly assessed her condition and transferred her to the maternity ward, where she gave birth to the  baby boy naturally.

While the mother is recovering, the baby named Mohammad, is receiving special care, being premature.

According to the Saudi Gazette, this marks the first birth by a pilgrim during the 2024 Hajj Season.

Meanwhile, the Head of the NAHCON’s Medical Mission for 2024 Hajj in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abubakar Ismail has confirmed that the female pilgrim is from Borno State.

He said the National Medical Team has received a report on the development from the Borno State Medical Team, saying the Woman evaded the mandatory Medical Screening in Nigeria.

Despite the subsisting policy of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, which restricts pregnant women from travelling for Hajj, the cases of delivery during the annual pilgrimage season by the Nigerian pilgrims have continued unabated.

NAHCON said Nigeria recorded seventy-five cases of pregnant women who travelled to Saudi Arabia for the 2023 Hajj.

The commission disclosed they bypassed the statutory recommendations, with the women ending up with various medical complications occasioned by stress and the heat waves.

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