BREAKING: Stricken Celine Dion To Sing At The Paris 2024 Olympics?

BREAKING: Stricken Celine Dion To Sing At The Paris 2024 Olympics?—-Stricken Celine Dion, the Queen of Power Ballads, could be set to make a sensational comeback and open the Olympic Games next month.


It was feared the Canadian star, 56, would never perform again after she cancelled a world tour because of a rare neurological illness last year.


But now reports across the Channel say the My Heart Will Go On singer will be one of two acts to open Paris 2024.


There are even claims –strongly denied by the Elysee Palace – that President Emmanuel Macron has chosen the stars to perform on the day and offered them £2.3 million out of state coffers.


It would be a remarkable comeback for Ms Dion, who revealed last year that she is suffering from the agonising stiff person syndrome.

About one in a million people are struck down by the disorder, enduring rigidity in their torso and limbs that can make them fall.

The spasms can occur at random or be triggered by stimuli, including loud noises, touch and emotional distress.

After cancelling dozens of gigs around the world, Ms Dion revealed that singing with the illness is ‘like someone is strangling you’.

The spasms, which occur all over her body, can be so intense they have broken her ribs.

She spoke movingly about her vigorous training regime in an interview in April.

‘Five days a week I undergo athletic, physical and vocal therapy,’ she said. ‘I work on my toes, knees, calves, my fingers, my singing, my voice…’

She said she felt she had two choices: ‘Either I train like an athlete and work super hard, or I switch off and it’s over, I stay at home, listen to my songs, stand in front of my mirror and sing to myself.’

She then sparked rumours she may be opening the Olympics by saying she wanted to ‘see the Eiffel Tower again’.

She said: ‘I’ve chosen to work with all my body and soul, from head to toe, with a medical team. I want to be the best I can be. My goal is to see the Eiffel Tower again.’

It was reported in French satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaine last week that Ms Dion and French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura were hotly tipped to open Paris 2024.

Other publications then followed up on the claim.

Ms Dion made a surprise appearance at the Grammy awards last February when she handed Taylor Swift the Album of the Year gong.

She received a standing ovation as she walked on stage, telling the audience: ‘Thank you all. I love you right back.’

She previously opened the Atlanta Olympics in the US in 1996, singing The Power Of The Dream. That was viewed by 3.5 billion worldwide.

A Paris 2024 spokesman said of Ms Dion: ‘We will all need to stay patient to keep the surprises we have in store, which are going make this ceremony unforgettable.’

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