BruceDropEmOff Criticizes xQc for Defending Kick Amid Controversy Over Ex-Employee Allegations

Streamer BruceDropEmOff recently criticized fellow streamer xQc for defending the live streaming platform Kick amidst serious allegations from a former employee about a toxic work environment.

Kick is currently under the spotlight after Melissa, a former employee, uploaded a video on June 17 accusing the company of having an “extremely hostile” work environment. Melissa’s allegations include staff using homophobic and racial slurs, consistently disrespecting differing opinions and beliefs, and lowballing a streamer battling cancer with the reasoning, “she probably thinks she’s gonna die soon and she’ll want to leave more money for her family.”

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who signed a $100 million, non-exclusive contract with Kick, defended the platform during a live stream, sparking a heated response from BruceDropEmOff.

Bruce, in a fiery tirade, repeatedly referred to xQc as a “dck eater” and criticized him for being treated like the “golden boy” of the streaming world. “I was being quiet,” Bruce began. “I let him say everything he had to say about me. Now it’s time to talk yo white, crack-headed ass. I don’t give a fck, because everybody treats you like the ‘golden boy.’ You not the golden boy, *. Fck you, ****.”

The tension between Bruce and xQc is not new, as the two have had ongoing disagreements. Recently, Bruce returned to Twitch after his contract with Kick expired, describing his time on Kick as the “worst time” in his career and claiming it made his content “lazy.”

In response to Bruce’s criticisms, xQc defended Kick and accused Bruce of badmouthing the platform without providing constructive feedback. “Never giv[es] feedback or criticism, but bad mouths the product and experience after the fact,” xQc tweeted.

The ongoing feud between the two streamers has captivated their fanbases, with many convinced there is significant animosity between them. Meanwhile, Kick’s Head of Strategic Partnerships has denied Melissa’s allegations but stated that the platform is taking the claims seriously and has initiated an internal investigation.

As the controversy unfolds, Kick faces increasing scrutiny while BruceDropEmOff and xQc continue their public clash, highlighting the growing tensions within the streaming community.

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