Bybit hits 30 million users globally as market share expands to 12% 

Bybit, a major cryptocurrency exchange and player in the industry announced that it has hit over 30 million registered users globally expanding its market share in spot trading from 2% in 2023 to more than 12% in 2024.

Bybit is the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by spot volumes. In addition to the announcement of the exchange hitting 30 million registered users, the project is also launching Copy Trading Pro, a new platform that enables investors to mirror the strategies of more experienced traders to potentially earn passive income with more consistent returns.

Co-founder and CEO of Bybit Ben Zhou reacted to the news of Bybit crossing an important milestone by hitting 30 million registered users.

“Reaching 30 million registered users is a humbling achievement, and it wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our vibrant global crypto community,” said Ben Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of Bybit.

 “We are incredibly grateful for their trust and remain committed to providing best-in-class, reliable services tailored to local needs.” He added

Bybit exponential growth is impressive given that the crypto exchange added a whopping 10 million users in just six months.

Copy Trading Pro 

Bybit’s 30 million registered user milestone is coming with an additional launching of a trading product which will enhance the experience of traders on the platform.

The new product is the pro version of an already Copy trading product that allows traders to mirror the exact trading strategy of selected master traders.

Joan Han, Sales and Marketing Director at Bybit explained the motive behind the launch of the product and Bybit’s target with the product.

With Copy Trading Pro, we are revolutionizing the way traders and investors participate in the crypto market, creating a safer and more mutually beneficial environment for both sides,” Joan tweeted.

Copy trading pro offers investors the opportunity to align with top traders in the industry, maximizing their profits and retaining platform safeguards like 10x leverage limits and robust risk management tools.

What to know 

  • Bybit’s launch of Copy Trading Pro comes alongside other exciting product launches like the Airdrop Arcade, NFT Pro, and Inscription Marketplaces which aim to simplify access to blockchain projects and ecosystems.
  • Bybit is among the few cryptocurrency exchanges still operating in Nigeria following the crackdown on crypto entities by the Nigerian government.
  • Bybit is the second largest crypto exchange with a market share of 12% second only to Binance which enjoys a market share of 54%.



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