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Chloe Bailey Talks The Exorcism, Her Singing Career & Staying Away From Horror In Real Life


  • The Exorcism
    pays homage to Jason Miller’s legendary role in
    The Exorcist
    with a cursed production twist.
  • Chloe Bailey discusses the meta-horror elements and working with Russell Crowe in the movie.
  • The Exorcism
    blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural, creating a chilling and tense climax.

Director Joshua John Miller’s The Exorcism may not be a sequel to the 2022 hit movie The Pope’s Exorcist, which also coincidentally starred Russell Crowe, but the new supernatural horror film does contain something of a nod to Miller’s father. Jason Miller starred in 1973’s The Exorcist, the production of which some have alleged to be cursed, much like the fictional movie being made in The Exorcism. If that already feels like something of a mind warp, be warned the screenplay by Miller and M.A. Fortin has only just begun to play tricks.

The Exorcism eases viewers into the fictional movie, The Georgetown Project, by showing its leading man mysteriously falling to his death on set. Russell Crowe plays Tony Miller, the troubled action star who takes over the dearly departed star’s role while his teenage daughter Lee (Ryan Simpkins) becomes a P.A. for the project. Blake Halloway (Chloe Bailey), meanwhile, plays the possessed victim of Peter’s movie — only for Tony to become the possessed victim of the actual movie. The stacked ensemble cast also includes Adam Goldberg, Sam Worthington, David Hyde Pierce, and Adrian Pasdar.


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Screen Rant interviewed Bailey about the meta-horror aspects of The Exorcism and the excitement of getting to work with a legend like Russell Crowe. Despite this latest turn at possession and her previous role in Swarm, however, the actor insists she won’t be getting into supernatural horror movies anytime soon. Chlöe also teased what to expect from her next album, Trouble in Paradise, which will feature a song with her sister Halle Bailey.

Ryan Simpkins as Lee looking happy while talking to Chloe Bailey's Blake in The Exorcism

Screen Rant: I really enjoy how The Exorcism is a meta-twist on the horror genre. What’s it like for you to walk that line between straightforward horror and being very self-aware?

Chloe Bailey: I’m so happy it was very self-aware because I’m a self-aware queen who is a scaredy cat, so I got to dabble in the genre and face my fears, and also be a part of a really cool film.

You’re playing the possessed character for the movie within the movie, but then you’re faced with Russell Crowe, who is actually possessed in the movie. What’s it like to have that back and forth?

Chloe Bailey: It was really cool. There was some confusion at times when we would see our actual chairs on set and then the set of the set chairs, as well as the crafty table. One time I walked up to the crafty table that was actually the prop [version], and good thing I didn’t eat any food because it was stale and hard, and I was directed to the right crafty table.

Blake and Lee’s bond is nicely developed over the course of the film. For you as an actor, what was it like building that rapport with Ryan during filming?

Chloe Bailey: It was amazing. We had such a great time filming, to be honest. We were the only ones of our age group on set, so a lot of our free time while we were there stuck in Wilmington, North Carolina? We spent a lot of it together.

I have a core memory: we went out on Halloween night, and we went to this college campus. I never had the college experience, so we were dancing all night. Then it started raining, it was outside, then we were dancing in the rain. It was just really, really great. So, that’s an experience I’ll never forget with them.

Chloe Bailey Is Not Ready To Watch Possession Movies After The Exorcism (But She Will Curse)

Chloe Bailey as Blake looking suspicious in The Exorcism

Was there any moment on set that was genuinely scary for you? Or, alternately, one of those funny moments that’s supposed to be scary but is actually hilarious?

Chloe Bailey: When I had to film the possession scene, it was really funny to be screaming out those vulgar things. This was before I got comfortable with cussing. Before, I was not a cussing girl. I was like, “No…”

But now I use it for self-expression, and they say people who cuss a lot tend to have a higher IQ and free their emotions and feelings because they’re using it as self-expression constantly. So, that was one where I was cracking up during the whole time.

You said you were a bit of a scaredy cat. Do you have a horror movie primer? What you would start someone with if they told you they too were very afraid?

Chloe Bailey: Well, the thing is, I don’t watch possession films! Now, I do love a good murder thriller. Something that’s a little more realistic, not supernatural. The reason why I stay away from supernatural films is because it’s too close for comfort. I don’t want to lower my frequency and actually bring something like that to me.

I have a funny story. Hollywood Forever has movie nights at the cemetery, and my friends were going. they were like, “Come, it’s fine.” I watched Romeo & Juliet and Poetic Justice there on two separate occasions, and Atlanta even had their last season premiere there. There was one time I was there, and I was crying over something. That night I had the worst dreams, and my lights were flickering. After that, I said, “You know what? I’m good.”

I stay prayed up, I keep my cross on, and the rest is history.

Plenty More Acting & Singing Is In Chloe Bailey’s Near Future

Two characters at a table in an image from Fight Night

You’re also going to be in Fight Night, which we just got a first look at. What’s it like to get to work with all these huge people like Taraji P. Henson, Don Cheadle, Kevin Hart?

Chloe Bailey: It was so amazing being on set. Taraji, I love that queen. Having to work with Samuel L. Jackson? He just made me so comfortable; he is so brilliant. And being able to laugh with Kevin, my fellow Cancer? Everyone on set was so amazing.

[There’s also] the beautiful Laurie Harvey — we didn’t actually film together, but we did a couple of press things together, and to just know that we get to bring the sexy, retro vibe back and do it in such a fun way with incredible actors is really, really dope. I can’t wait for people to see it.

Aside from your acting, I’m also a big fan of your music, both as Chloe and Halle and with your solo debut. As you branch out further in your acting career, how do you bring that balance back? What keeps you coming back to the music?

Chloe Bailey: Music? I live and breathe it. My mind never turns off creatively, which I’m really grateful about because I have had those moments where I’ve had creative blocks or things like that. But I’m in a time where I’ve been so inspired because I’ve been living. I’ve been living, so I have things to talk about and experiences to write about.

My latest album, Trouble In Paradise, [is] mastered and turned in. I am so proud of that body of work. It feels like what a summer fling feels like, and if you could put sonic to it, [that’s] what the soundtrack behind it would be. You know, the push and pull. I literally got to write about my troubles in paradise. I went to St. Lucia to finish the album; to create it. I even flew out my engineer again, and I finished mixing it there.

About The Exorcism

Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe stars as Anthony Miller, a troubled actor who begins to unravel while shooting a supernatural horror film. His estranged daughter, Lee (Ryan Simpkins), wonders if he’s slipping back into his past addictions or if there’s something more sinister at play. The film also stars Sam Worthington, Chloe Bailey, Adam Goldberg and David Hyde Pierce.

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