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Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Just Set Up A Major Returning Character's Death

Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, episode 2.


  • Criminal Minds: Evolution raises stakes with potential character deaths, leading to suspense and speculation.
  • Rebecca’s connection to “Gold Star” could lead to her demise, adding a new level of danger to the series.
  • The show’s history of killing off loved ones heightens the potential impact of Rebecca’s possible death.

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has officially started with a two-episode season 2 that slyly hinted at a potential character death in future episodes. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 could kill off a variety of characters following the death of Deputy Director Bailey at the end of last season and the introduction of “Gold Star.” There has been much speculation about what/who “Gold Star” is, and Criminal Minds: Evolution episodes 1 and 2 confirmed that he’s an extremely dangerous serial killer who has a background as a strike team member for the United States government.

Fortunately, an update on the Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 “Gold Star” mystery from showrunner Erica Messer revealed that viewers will find out more about “Gold Star” in episode 5. This may seem like a long way to go, but having more answers about “Gold Star” halfway through the season means there’s a strong chance he will be caught by the end of it. With Criminal Minds: Evolution renewed for season 3, there are many different directions the show can go in, but unfortunately, one character might not make it through season 2.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2, Episode 2 Could Be Foreshadowing Rebecca’s Death

Rebecca’s Connection To Gold Star Could Get Her Killed

At the end of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1, one of the major new characters, Bailey, was murdered by Sicarius/Elias Voit. He started out as a frustrating character, but eventually came around to helping the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team and died trying to help them. Criminal Minds: Evolution also revealed that his death was likely connected to information Bailey and Voit had on “Gold Star.” The only other people who seemed to know about this were Department of Justice prosecutor Rebecca and Attorney General Davis.

Rebecca was one of the other major characters introduced in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 along with Tyler Green, one of the season’s most controversial characters due to his untrustworthy nature and surprising relationship with Garcia. Unlike Bailey, Rebecca started as an ally to the group before somewhat betraying them. She had consulted with Voit behind the BAU’s back before they discovered the truth and had FBI Director Madison (Clark Gregg) put them on the “Gold Star” case.



Criminal Minds: Evolution’s Most Controversial Character Hints At Season 3 Return

Criminal Minds: Evolution’s most controversial character may return for season 3, suggesting that they will have a bigger role in season 2.

Exes Rebecca and Tara didn’t start Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 on good terms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care for each other. They confessed they were scared of losing each other to “Gold Star.” Tara pointed out that everyone who seemed to know about him was being killed, which could put Rebecca in danger. Longtime Criminal Minds viewers know the show likes to foreshadow major events and plot twists, and this could be another example of that.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Has Raised The Stakes

Criminal Minds: Evolution Is More Dangerous Than The Original Series

Doug Bailey looking over at Rebecca Wilson in Criminal Minds_ Evolution

Unlike many other long-running shows, especially law enforcement procedures, Criminal Minds doesn’t have a history of killing off main characters. Though death is all around the series and the BAU, it doesn’t often touch them. Stephen Walker was shockingly killed off in Criminal Minds season 13 after spending a season with the BAU, and Jason Gideon was killed offscreen years after Mandy Patinkin exited the series. Otherwise, every known member of the BAU, those who have come and gone and those who still remain, have survived.


Criminal Minds: Why Mandy Patinkin Left After Season 2

Jason Gideon actor Mandy Patinkin left Criminal Minds shortly after season 2, only appearing in the first two episodes of season 3 – here’s why.

However, Rebecca isn’t a part of the BAU, she’s simply adjacent to the team, and her death would be more akin to when Criminal Minds killed off Strauss in the season 8 finale. Criminal Minds: Evolution has already shown it’s more dangerous than the original 15 seasons. In just 10 episodes, they killed off Bailey, and they’re spending more time focusing on one prolific serial killer instead of multiple smaller cases. The unsubs are more of a threat than ever, and Rebecca could become a victim.

Criminal Minds Has A History Of Killing Off Characters’ Loved Ones

Rebecca’s Death Would Be Devastating For Tara

Criminal Minds might not have a history of killing off those working at the BAU, but they can be ruthless with their loved ones. Out of Rossi’s three wives, two of them have been killed off, with Krystall dying of cancer in the time jump before Criminal Minds: Evolution. In Criminal Minds season 8, Reid’s girlfriend, Maeve, was killed by her stalker. The series has almost killed off JJ’s husband multiple times, and Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 has teased Will’s death.

One of the most heartbreaking deaths in the show’s history came came when Hotch’s wife was killed off in Criminal Minds season 5 in the 100th episode. Now, over 340 episodes into the series, Criminal Minds can devastate another main character by killing off Tara’s main love interest. Tara has suffered greatly in her love life due to her toxic relationship with her ex-husband. Killing off Rebecca would be a cruel twist for Tara, but Criminal Minds: Evolution has shown it doesn’t pull punches.

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