“Criticism should be gentle to nourish a man’s growth” – Itele addresses the negative response over Kesari film

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Yekini popularly known as Itele has addressed the negative response that trailed his recently released Netflix film, Kesari.

Nigerians have been on and about with negative criticism and reviews since the release of the film on the movie streaming platform.

The actor first responded by sharing the origin of the movie. He shared scenes from the first and second installation which was released in the YouTube app over four years ago.

Speaking on the recent film, Itele shared a throwback of the film and noted that it will be the end of the series of explatnation.

The actor spoke about the importance of criticism but urged critics to be gentle enough to nourish his growth without destroying the roots.

Itele accepts the criticism as a valuable feed back. He appreciated the insights and promised to use them to improve his growth.

In the end, the actor bragged about his movie sitting giantly in the number one spot on Netflix Nigeria since its release.

“And here is the end of the throwback journey of KESARI!

Criticism like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.
Thank you for your valuable feedback. I appreciate your insights and will use them to improve and grow.
Meanwhile, why it’s day 6 and KESARI is still Sitting On the throne Number1 On Netflix Nigeria.”


Last year, Itele revealed his plans to join Femi Adebayo Odunlade Adekola at the box office as he teased his movie Kesari. While announcing it on his Instagram page, the talented role interpreter recounted working with Funke and Femi, which challenged him in a highly different manner.

He stated that working with Funke helped him in the development of Ghetto dialogue and created relatable steers Lamba, while Femi elevated his acting acumen.

Recall that Itele made headlines for his phenomenal role on Jagun Jagun, which got him praise from netizens. Reacting to the positive response from his critics, he pledged to continue to please his fans, stating he is grateful for the accolades.

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