CSO hit streets in Osun, demand good governance 


Civil Societies Organisations in Osun state, Wednesday hit the streets to demand good governance and even distribution of democracy dividends from President Bola Tinubu.

The chairman of the coalition of civil societies, Comrade Waheed Lawal, who spoke to journalists during a procession in Osogbo, noted that democracy is good but failure to deliver it’s dividend necessitated the agitation.

He claimed that the renewed hope of Tinubu is not working, owing to the hunger occasioned by the inflation in the country.

“Government should be proactive in working for the people so that people will live a better life. Nigerians deserve the best, not what we are witnessing today. Tinubu should work for our people so that our people will have a decent life. 

“Abiola said farewell to poverty 31 years ago, Tinubu said renewed hope 2023, are we having renewed hope now, is the hope renewed, the answer is No. 

“I don’t like the military for a second. We are here today because we have democracy and that is why we express ourselves freely, but our government should know that they should work for the people so that the people will enjoy the real dividend of democracy, that they fought hard for,” Lawal said.

Also, the Chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR), Emmanuel Olowu, noted that things are hard for the masses hence the decision to hold the procession.

He argued that democracy is good and far better than a military system of government but the real democracy envisaged by the founding fathers has not been fruitful for Nigerians.

“We will continue to agitate for a better democracy and continue to strengthen the Nigeria democracy for it to become what we want it to be,” Olowu said.

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