Dantes and Laurinchhhe Condemn Tarzaned for Sharing Private Abortion Details

Twitch Streamers Dantes and Laurinchhhe Slam Tarzaned for Revealing Personal Abortion Details

League of Legends star Dantes, also known as Doaenel, has publicly criticized fellow Twitch content creator Julian “Tarzaned” for disclosing that his former girlfriend, Laura “Laurinchhhe,” had an abortion during the early stages of their relationship.

Dantes and Laurinchhhe recently gained significant attention on social media following their breakup announcement. The situation escalated when Tarzaned claimed in a viral clip that Laurinchhhe had an abortion during their relationship’s first month, adding a controversial twist to their separation.

In response to Tarzaned’s revelations, Dantes took to his Twitch channel to address the issue. He expressed his outrage at the breach of privacy and the insensitivity shown by Tarzaned in discussing such a personal and traumatic experience:

“The fact that he decides to leak something like that as some kind of truth bomb, the fact that this disgusting piece of sh*t sits there and talks in front of thousands of people leaking, probably, the most traumatic thing either of us has ever had to go through! In front of thousands!”

Dantes emphasized that the information shared by Tarzaned was highly personal, noting that he hadn’t even discussed it with his closest friends.

Laurinchhhe, whose relationship with Dantes began in the fall of the previous year and ended abruptly on June 19, 2024, also condemned Tarzaned for his actions. She took to X (formerly Twitter) to voice her displeasure, accusing Tarzaned of lying about the situation and invading their privacy:

“@tarzaned u disgusting peace of sh*t think it’s ok to talk about my Abortion that I had and lie about the whole thing. 29 year old man child that thinks it ok to talk about a random womans trauma is so disgusting to me. You deserve nothing in this world for doing that.”

She further explained that while she and Dantes had disagreements regarding the pregnancy, it did not justify anyone discussing it publicly:

“Did we have disagreements that both of us apologized for? 100% But for u to go online and talk about that, taking away my right to keep that to myself shows how much u lack in sympathy. Dragging me and really traumatic Event in ur little childish fight with Dantes makes u everything but an adult that understands boundaries and respect.”

The breakup between Dantes and Laurinchhhe had already caused significant drama within the Twitch community, drawing millions of impressions on social media. However, Tarzaned’s disclosure has only intensified the controversy, prompting widespread discussion and criticism.

Tarzaned and Dantes had a history of conflicts before this incident, which may have influenced the timing and nature of the revelation. Nonetheless, the fallout has sparked a broader conversation about privacy, respect, and the ethical boundaries content creators should observe when discussing personal matters online.

As the situation continues to unfold, the Twitch community remains divided, with many supporting Dantes and Laurinchhhe in their call for greater sensitivity and respect for personal experiences.

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