Debate Erupts Over Removal of Child with Down Syndrome from P!nk Concert

The internet is divided after a child with Down syndrome was removed from a P!nk concert, sparking debate over inclusivity and safety.

P!nk’s Summer Carnival tour at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on June 15 and 16, 2024, sparked controversy after reports emerged that a seven-year-old with Down syndrome, Jesse Vasey, and his mother, Vanessa Marie Vasey, were removed from the venue for standing near a railing.

The incident has caused a significant divide online, with many expressing outrage over the treatment of Jesse and his mother. One user exclaimed, “It’s absolutely sickening seeing this! Utterly vile how they could do that! I am so sorry you all had to go through that ordeal it’s awful.” Another netizen urged action: “Bloody disgusting. Send it to P!nk and her managers.”

The criticism extended to the venue itself, with one commenter saying, “I will never go to or support Tottenham Hotspurs in any way, shape, or form. Hypocrites! Oh, our team supports Down Syndrome Day, is all about inclusivity, and kicks out a mom and her child who has Down syndrome. #boycott.”

Conversely, some defended the stadium’s decision, citing safety regulations. “No-one is allowed to stand on the barriers by the stairs for safety reasons in any stadium. Tottenham were correct in moving them on. This post could have been a whole other tragic story if they were left there and he fell! But screw safety, hey, let’s just cash in as much as we can,” one person argued. Another echoed this sentiment: “You knew the rules of the venue in advance. Yet you seem upset because the rules were enforced? I’m sorry your son had to miss the P!nk concert, but rules are for everyone, regardless of abilities.”

Following the uproar, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium released a statement addressing the incident. According to the spokesperson, “We are aware of the complaint that has been posted on Facebook, which has not been received directly. As a venue that prides itself on providing fully inclusive facilities for all, we are extremely sorry to hear that Jesse did not enjoy a positive experience at Saturday night’s concert.”

The statement continued, “Following further investigation, we can confirm that Ms. Vasey was offered assistance by our Safeguarding and Welfare teams throughout the night to provide Jesse with a comfortable viewing experience, including access to our dedicated Sensory Room.” It was noted that these offers were declined by Ms. Vasey, and the party chose to leave the event. The stadium also mentioned plans to contact Ms. Vasey directly, emphasizing that “the safety and security of all event attendees remains our utmost priority.”

As of now, P!nk and her representatives have not commented on the incident. The singer is currently continuing her European tour, which will run until July 25, 2024, with upcoming shows in Liverpool, Glasgow, Bern, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Mönchengladbach, and Stockholm.

After concluding her European leg, P!nk will embark on the final North American leg of her Summer Carnival tour, which will extend from August to November 2024, with the concluding performance slated for November 23 in Miami.

This incident highlights ongoing debates about inclusivity and safety at public events, especially regarding accommodating individuals with disabilities while adhering to venue regulations. The conversation continues as fans and the public await further statements from those involved.

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