Diddy’ Deleted Instagram Posts Prompt Questions About Apology to Cassie

In an attempt to reset his social media presence, Diddy has deleted his entire Instagram account, which included a widely discussed apology to his ex-girlfriend Cassie. This move has led to confusion and speculation among his followers and the public.

On June 21, the Bad Boy mogul made the unexpected decision to clear all posts from his Instagram account. The deletion included an apology video to Cassie, which was issued after a disturbing video surfaced showing Diddy abusing her in a Los Angeles hotel. The removal of the apology video raised questions among fans, leading many to wonder if Diddy was retracting his apology.

However, Diddy’s representatives quickly addressed these concerns. Speaking to TMZ, they clarified that Diddy stands by his apology despite its removal from his Instagram. The rep explained that the deletion of the video was not a targeted action against Cassie but part of a broader decision to wipe his entire Instagram feed clean. The representative emphasized that the apology had already served its purpose, having been widely seen and covered by media outlets globally. “Diddy’s apology was seen around the world,” the representative stated, adding, “and it exists forever. In terms of how he feels, we’re told Diddy meant what he said in that clip, and that stands even today.”

The mogul’s 20 million Instagram followers were quick to notice the sudden deletion of all posts. While some were suspicious, others pointed out that this was not unusual behavior for Diddy, who has a history of periodically cleaning up his social media profiles. One fan noted on X (formerly Twitter), “For years, maybe decades, Mr. Diddy has changed up his Instagram, Twitter… accounts… It’s nothing new for him to remove publicly visible posts.”

Despite the clarification from Diddy’s team, skepticism remains, particularly given the mogul’s controversial past. Diddy has faced various allegations and incidents over the years, including the recent lawsuit filed by Cassie accusing him of abuse. The emergence of the hotel video only intensified scrutiny and criticism of his actions.

The apology itself had faced criticism even before its deletion. Hillary Povar, a member of the team representing Cassie, dismissed the apology in an interview with Fox 11, saying, “It wasn’t about her. It wasn’t about what he did wrong, and I think that’s where we see a lot of things go wildly off course from a PR perspective.” Povar also stressed the importance of legal action over public apologies or social media “cancellation,” highlighting the need for substantial consequences rather than performative gestures.

As the situation continues to unfold, Diddy’s attempt to start fresh on social media has done little to quell the ongoing debate about his actions and the sincerity of his apology. While his representatives insist that the mogul stands by his previous statements, the public remains divided, with many calling for accountability beyond social media posts.

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