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Disney's Live-Action Snow White Gets Major Filming Update From Rachel Zegler


  • Disney’s live-action
    Snow White
    was delayed by a year due to the SAG-AFTRA strike and reshoots.
  • Now, Rachel Zegler confirms the production’s progress on Instagram.
  • The reshoots have been completed, and filming has officially wrapped.

Rachel Zegler provides a major filming update for Snow White after the Disney live-action remake was delayed by a year. The movie is a remake of the 1937 animated Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, keeping with the studio’s trend of reintroducing its beloved classics to new generations. Other recent Disney live-action remakes include The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King. While the film was initially slated to release in Spring 2024, it received a significant delay due to the SAG-AFTRA strike and the need for additional reshoots.

Snow White‘s lead star, Zegler, has now shared a major filming update via Instagram. She posted a photo to her Instagram Story confirming that reshoots on the remake have been completed and filming has officially wrapped.

Zegler paired the update with a photo of her feet standing on a T-marker on the set. She also described how “proud and emotional” she was to be wrapping up filming, writing of the cast and crew, “I love these people so much.”

Why Did Snow White Undergo Recent Reshoots?

Reports that reshoots were underway for Snow White arose earlier this month after an Instagram post from Gal Gadot, who has signed on to portray the Evil Queen in the Snow White cast. Her post showed a director’s chair labeled with her character’s name and was captioned, “Feels Good to Back!” Zegler’s new post clarifies that the reshoots have concluded, but doesn’t provide much info on what they entailed. However, it’s important to remember that movie reshoots are fairly common and simply mean the film decided to record certain parts again in post-production.

There’s a misconception that reshoots are a sign of failure, and mean the movie messed up badly and had to try to patch things up after filming. Given that Snow White has been subjected to much controversy and criticism over Zegler’s casting and the movie’s reimagined, modern premise, it may add to the belief that reshoots are a bad sign. Still, they could be as simple as minor touch-ups and refinements. Additionally, such reshoots may actually be a good thing and could suggest Disney is further improving the remake.

In July 2023, further controversy arose when The Daily Mail leaked alleged set photos from Snow White. Disney initially labeled the photos fake but later stated they just weren’t “official” and only depicted stand-ins. Although it’s still unclear how legitimate the photos were, it’s possible Disney is taking viewers’ reactions into account and perhaps reconsidering things, like costume designs, based on the feedback. Ultimately, Snow White is under quite a bit of pressure to rise above the controversy, and the reshoots may be a positive sign of the studio finding additional ways to improve.

Source: Rachel Zegler/Instagram

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