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Doctor Who's Russell T Davies Shares Plans For UNIT's Future After Season 14

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Doctor Who season 14, episode 7!


  • Showrunner Russell T Davies plans to bring back old
    Doctor Who
    characters to UNIT, creating a revolving staff of familiar faces.
  • UNIT could bring back any past characters, including former companions like Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald.
  • Doctor Who
    season 15 may feature more unexpected guest appearances tying past characters to the present storyline.

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has explained his plans for UNIT’s future after season 14, revealing the changes he wants to make to the group as they continue to reappear. The latest episode of Doctor Who season 14, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” saw multiple returning characters who became associated with UNIT. This includes Donna Noble’s daughter Rose and Mel Bush, a former companion for the Sixth and Seventh Doctors. The episode established how familiar faces could show up in association with the organization, acting as a tribute to the show’s past.

Speaking during an episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed, Davies explained how he wants future appearances from UNIT in Doctor Who to contain even more characters from the series’ past. The showrunner expressed interest in making it so the organization comprises of many familiar faces, open to anyone somehow joining the group for a time. Check out what Davies had to say below:

I hope every time we come here there’ll be revolving staff and new people and new faces and old familiar faces. In about ten years time, the whole place will be packed with recurring actors piling up on all the desks. Bonnie Langford, “What about me?” “Alright Bonnie, come in, come in, come in.” So that’s the plan.

What Other Characters Could Doctor Who’s UNIT Bring Back?

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The cast of Doctor Who has consisted of dozens of heroic characters, many of whom could easily make their return through UNIT depending on the storyline involved. Since Mel came back in the latest episode featuring the group, it’s clear the invitations for returnees extends beyond the series’ 2005 revival. This means anyone from the past could pop back up, reuniting with the Doctor despite having a new form. This also means plenty of past storylines could weave into UNIT’s involvement, much like how Sutekh returned in the latest adventure.

Since UNIT focuses on investigating supernatural mysteries, the group is likely to first bring back characters that align with such missions. The best types of characters to bring back, then, would be companions of the Doctor, as they are familiar with the concepts of unexplained phenomena. This could include finding a way to bring back anyone from Rose Tyler, last seen by the Tenth Doctor, to a renewed Clara Oswald, previously saved by the Twelfth Doctor. With guests being a new staple of the organization, anyone could be brought back in a multitude of ways.

Davies’ hopes for UNIT’s future means more unexpected appearances could happen during Doctor Who season 15, should the organization return in the near future. This means more guest stars could arrive next year, weaving the stories of the main character’s past incarnations into his present identity. With plenty of potential for more surprise arrivals in the upcoming season, there’s bound to be another story focused on past characters in the show’s future.

The final episode of
Doctor Who
season 14, “Empire of Death,” arrives on June 22, 2024.

Source: Doctor Who: Unleashed

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