Drama as Davido drags Sophia Momodu to court for custody battle over Imade Adeleke

News hitting the internet today is that Davido has sued Sophia Momodu over the custody of his daughter Imade Adeleke.

From the court documents obtained, Davido sued Sophia Momodu for joint custody of Imade Adeleke, citing frustration from his baby mama.

According to the documents Davido tendered in court, he had offered a house worth two-hundred-million Naira to Sophia Momodu so she could live there with his child, but she rejected the offer.

Regardless of the fact that she rejected his offer, Davido claimed that Sophia Momodu made him pay the sum of five-million Naira yearly for an apartment in Lagos.

Davido also stated in the court documents that Imade Adeleke had been missing in school for two weeks, and Sophia Momodu had not informed him.

According to Davido, Sophia Momodu’s reason for being absent in school was because the car he had given them had issues. After that, Davido said he sent another car to them, and over five-million Naira to fix the other car, which makes it two cars in their possesion.

Davido also cited cruelty inflicted upon him by Sophia Momodu, and being frustrated by her. His main request from the court was the joint custody of Imade Adeleke, with the insinuation that he doesn’t have access to her.

Both parties involved in this suit haven’t been on the best of terms for years. At the early stages of Imade Adeleke’s life, Davido and Sophia Momodu seemed to be in good terms with each other, often being seen together at Imade’s milestone events.

Recall that Davido was being dragged on the internet for not being present in Imade Adeleke’s life, and this occurred shortly after he was notably absent at her last birthday.

Teebillz also took it upon himself to call Davido out and drag him for being a deadbeat dad.

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