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Edge of Tomorrow 2 Is Now Closer Than Ever Thanks To Tom Cruise's New Deal


  • Tom Cruise’s new deal with Warner Bros. could finally make Edge of Tomorrow 2 happen after years of limbo.
  • Cruise’s return to Warner Bros. could pave the way for Live Die Repeat and Repeat to move past pre-production.
  • Despite recent sequels with mixed results, Cruise is no longer hesitant to make sequels, making Edge of Tomorrow 2 more likely.

The long-awaited Edge of Tomorrow 2 might now be closer than ever thanks to a new deal between Tom Cruise and Warner Bros. Tom Cruise continues to be one of the most popular and profitable action stars in the film industry, a spot he has maintained since the 1980s, beginning with his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Tony Scott’s Top Gun. Cruise’s popularity continued throughout the 1990s thanks to Mission: Impossible and other projects outside the action genre, as were the comedy-drama Jerry Maguire and the psychological drama Eyes Wide Shut.

The expansion of the Mission: Impossible franchise has kept Cruise active in the action genre throughout the 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s, but in 2014, he explored another side of this genre with Edge of Tomorrow. Based on the 2004 novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and directed by Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow takes the audience to a future where most of Europe is taken over by an alien race. When Major William Cage (Cruise) is forced to join a landing operation against them, he finds himself in a time loop. Despite Edge of Tomorrow’s critical and commercial success, a sequel has been lost in limbo for years, but Cruise’s latest studio deal can finally make Edge of Tomorrow 2 happen.


Tom Cruise’s Next Long-Delayed Sequel Needs To Be His Priority Over Top Gun 3

While the idea of Top Gun 3 happening is exciting, Tom Cruise should shift his focus to a long-delayed sci-fi sequel that needs him to move forward.

Tom Cruise Has History With Warner Bros. (But Not In A Decade)

Cruise Last Worked With The Studio On The Original Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow in battle suits

Warner Bros. has announced a new deal with Tom Cruise through which they will jointly develop and produce “original and franchise theatrical films” starring Cruise, beginning in 2024. This isn’t Tom Cruise’s first time working with Warner Bros., and this deal marks his big return to the studio. Warner Bros. is the studio behind some of Cruise’s biggest movies, such as Risky Business (which is widely considered his breakthrough role), the horror movie Interview with the Vampire (where he played Lestat), Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, and Magnolia, for which Cruise got an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Cruise’s last project with Warner Bros. was Edge of Tomorrow, in 2014, so his return to the studio could be the push that Edge of Tomorrow 2 needs to finally happen. As mentioned above, Cruise’s new deal with Warner is to make movies both franchise and original, and Edge of Tomorrow being the last big success they had together, it’s a good sign for Edge of Tomorrow 2.

Since Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise’s career has been mostly focused on expanding other franchises, mostly the Mission: Impossible one, but having him back again with Warner makes the expansion of Edge of Tomorrow a lot more likely.

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Has Been Kicked Around For Years

All Original Players Have Expressed A Desire To Continue The Story

Tom Cruise as Major William Cage firing rounds at enemies in 2014's Edge of Tomorrow

Despite not having an open ending, Edge of Tomorrow left the door open for a sequel as Cage fulfilled his mission and was thrown back to the past, though with a much brighter future. In 2016, Doug Liman signed on to direct the sequel, and that same year, he said Edge of Tomorrow 2 would “revolutionize how people make sequels” as it was “a sequel that’s a prequel” (via Collider).

Tom Cruise’s deal with Warner Bros. can put an end to the scheduling conflicts that have been delaying
Edge of Tomorrow 2…

The following year, the title for the sequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat, was revealed, and Cruise and Blunt were said to be reprising their roles, but the project began to face a couple of obstacles, mostly the schedules of Blunt, Cruise, and Liman. Tom Cruise’s deal with Warner Bros. can put an end to the scheduling conflicts that have been delaying Edge of Tomorrow 2, and if Blunt and Liman are still up for it, Live Die Repeat and Repeat could finally be on its way to moving past pre-production hell.

Tom Cruise Is Doing More Sequels Lately

Cruise Has Had Disappointments And Great Successes With Recent Sequels

Unlike a number of other high-profile Hollywood stars, Tom Cruise spent many years of his career largely avoiding franchise filmmaking. He kept the Mission: Impossible movies going, but the idea of him wanting to return for Edge of Tomorrow 2 was exciting because of how rare it was to have him return to a role. However, in recent years, Cruise has shown more of a willingness to make sequels which has had mixed results.

Following his box office success in bringing the character of Jack Reacher to the big screen, it seemed like a perfect franchise to carry on. However, the first attempt at a sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, was a financial and critical failure that ended those franchise plans and led to the character being rebooted as a television series with Alan Ritchson in the lead role.

While that wasn’t a disappointment for Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick proved to exceed nearly everyone’s expectations as a long-awaited follow-up movie. Decades after the 1986 original, Top Gun: Maverick saw Cruise return to the role of hotshot pilot Maverick in a film that became the highest-grossing movie of Cruise’s career. Not only that, but it was a critical success as well, with it even earning a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars.

With Mission: Impossible 8 also on the way, it is clear that Cruise is no longer as hesitant to make sequels. Even with missteps like Jack Reacher 2, Cruise has a better track record with sequels than most actors. If Edge of Tomorrow 2 does indeed happen, it is safe to say that it is because Cruise sees it as a worthwhile project and not a mindless cash grab.

Edge of Tomorrow Poster

Edge of Tomorrow

Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel All You Need is Kill, Edge of Tomorrow follows Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), who finds himself drafted into humanity’s ongoing war against a seemingly unstoppable race of hostile aliens called Mimics. Cage is killed in combat, but wakes in a time loop, reliving the same battle day after day. Gradually, he realizes that if he teams up with the decorated war hero Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), he can exploit the time loop to defeat the Mimic army and save the human race. 

Doug Liman

Release Date
June 6, 2014

1h 53m

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