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Edge Of Tomorrow 2: Will It Happen? Everything We Know


  • The
    Edge of Tomorrow 2
    sequel is still in development, with Emily Blunt expressing her eagerness to continue the franchise alongside Tom Cruise despite uncertainty about its production.
  • While the sequel hasn’t been officially confirmed, Blunt’s comments suggest that a script for
    Edge of Tomorrow 2
    has been seen, but it may not be a new one. Tom Cruise’s involvement in the
    Mission: Impossible
    franchise has potentially delayed progress.

It’s been a decade since the first movie, but conversations around Edge Of Tomorrow 2 have been steadily ongoing, and everything that’s known so far about Tom Cruise’s sci-fi sequel sounds promising. The original Edge Of Tomorrow, AKA Live Die Repeat, followed Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) who is forced to take part in a landing operation against an invading alien force. Cage — having no combat experience — is swiftly killed but finds himself resurrected via a time loop. Cage uses this ability to improve his combat skills and teams with Emily Blunt’s war hero Rita to find a way to stop the invasion.

While Edge Of Tomorrow contained all the thrills and set pieces of a blockbuster, it was the witty script and chemistry between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt that made it a cult hit that should have launched a franchise. While the film was something of a financial disappointment, the demand for a follow-up hasn’t waned. Edge of Tomorrow was a solid hit on Blu-ray and DVD, and it was confirmed in 2016 Edge Of Tomorrow 2 was in development. However, not much has been heard about the sequel since, and each passing year seems to make the possibility of a sequel more and more remote.


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The Latest Edge Of Tomorrow 2 News

Director Doug Liman Offers An Update

A wall mural of Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) in Edge of Tomorrow.

Liman himself was cagey about the sequel and didn’t have much to offer in terms of updates on its development.

Nearly a year after original star Emily Blunt was less-than-optimistic about the sequel, director Doug Liman has given an enticing update on Edge of Tomorrow 2. While the film is still not officially confirmed, Liman mentioned that Warner Bros. is very persistent about pursuing a sequel and “constantly bringing upEdge of Tomorrow 2. Despite being flattered by the persistence of Warner Bros., Liman himself was cagey about the sequel and didn’t have much to offer in terms of updates on its development.

Read Liman’s full comments below:

I do think there’s probably no better compliment to a movie than people wanting for there to be a sequel. Road House – there’s call for a sequel. Edge of Tomorrow, there’s no better compliment than Warner Bros. constantly bringing up, “Will you go and make another one of these?”

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Hasn’t Been Confirmed

Development Has Taken Place

Emily Blunt's Rita and Tom Cruise's William Cage talking angrily in Edge of Tomorrow

While Edge of Tomorrow 2 updates in 2016 reported that the sequel was in development, Edge of Tomorrow 2 hasn’t officially been confirmed. In May 2021, star Emily Blunt took to the Howard Stern Show to mention how a sequel is simply too expensive to be made. More recently in June 2023, Blunt seemed somewhat more optimistic about the project’s possibilities and reiterated her desire to make a sequel. However, she also questioned how they could do a new approach to the premise suggesting that there is not yet a script for Edge of Tomorrow 2.

Edge of Tomorrow
is available for purchase or rental on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and YouTube.

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Cast

Will Blunt & Cruise Return?

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt arguing in Edge of Tomorrow in battle suits

Though they would presumably be the sequel’s stars, Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise aren’t signed on for Edge of Tomorrow 2 yet. However, director Doug Liman has teased another character that would play a major role in the sequel, saying (via DigitalSpy), “There’s a third character in the sequel that’s going to, for sure, steal the movie.” Actors from the first movie, like Brendan Gleeson and Noah Taylor, could presumably come back, but nothing is confirmed thus far. Sadly, actor Bill Paxton passed away in 2017, meaning his gruff Sergeant Farell will likely be left out of the sequel or recast.

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Story Details

A Revolutionary Sequel Is Promised

The original Edge Of Tomorrow ended on a happy note, with Cage defeating the Omega that controlled the aliens and being time-looped back to before the landing operation. The logic of this ending is somewhat murky, which is something co-writer Christopher McQuarrie promises will be addressed in the sequel. Doug Liman claims to have an idea for Edge Of Tomorrow 2 that will ‘revolutionize’ how sequels are made, and it will also be a prequel that acts as a sequel.

There’s little news on the Edge Of Tomorrow 2 plot, but it will presumably pick up from the original’s ending. In addition to Cage and Rita, Liman has teased that a new third character will be involved and will steal the movie. It’s unknown who exactly this character will be, who will be cast in the role, and what impact they will have on the story, but Liman has also mentioned that the sequel will be less action-heavy than its predecessor, meaning this character could be something entirely different.

Edge of Tomorrow 2

Edge of Tomorrow 2 is the follow-up film to Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Talks of a sequel quickly started after the first was released in 2014, but Edge of Tomorrow 2 found itself stuck in development hell for years with various scripts being written.

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