Emirship Tussle: Why I Ordered Bayero’s Arrest – Gov Yusuf Opens Up

Governor Abba Yusuf has explained his reasons for ordering the arrest of the deposed Emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero, an action that led to the court awarding ₦10 million in damages to the monarch.

The Governor, through his spokesman Sunusi Bature, stated that he ordered Bayero’s arrest because Bayero returned two days after his dethronement to reclaim the palace, causing unrest in the state.

In response to the article ‘A Rendezvous with Recklessness and Executive Rascality’ by Bala Ibrahim, Bature defended Governor Yusuf against claims of recklessness and executive misconduct.

Naija News recalls that the Federal High Court in Kano recently ordered the state government to pay Bayero the sum of ₦10 million for violating his fundamental rights, personal liberty, and freedom of movement.

In a court session led by Justice Simon Amobeda, the court cited Sections 35(1) and 41(1) of the 1999 Constitution.

It was ruled that Yusuf’s decision to order Bayero’s arrest without lawful justification was unjust. This decision led to Bayero being put under house arrest due to the fear of being arrested.

Exploiting the ruling as an opportunity, Bala Ibrahim derided and lambasted the governor for his alleged power abuse and reckless decision-making, notably the demolition of structures and the issuance of Bayero’s arrest warrant, resulting in compensation being granted to all affected parties by the court.

However, the governor’s spokesperson said: “Does Bala Ibrahim actually understand the workings of government and governance?

“I do not want to go into judicial pronouncements, but the point I want to make clear is that the issue of Kano Emirship is straightforward with the repeal of the Kano Emirate Law (2019) and enactment of Kano Emirate Law (2024), which gave Governor Yusuf the power to abolish the five emirates and return Kano to its glorious and historic position of one emirate.

“This is the wish of the people of Kano state.

“The reappointment of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II did not also come to anyone as a surprise, because his dethronement and consequent banishment by Abdullahi Ganduje and his co-travellers was done out of malice.

“Now, calling for the arrest of dethroned Emir Aminu Bayero was only done for public good as his entrance into Kano, shortly after his dethronement posed a serious security threat which is being managed up till today.

“Governor Abba Yusuf remains the Chief Security Officer of Kano state, and no sane leader would fold his arms and watch Kano snowballs into a state of anarchy without taking action.”

The governor also defended the demolition of buildings, stating it was aimed at reclaiming public property illegally acquired by former Governor Ganduje, his associates, and family.

He emphasized the exercise’s necessity to prevent individuals from misappropriating public funds and resources.

Despite criticism from figures like Bala Ibrahim, the governor reaffirmed his commitment to Kano state’s welfare and socio-economic advancement.

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