Euro 2024: Spalletti lays out battle plan for Spain

Italy coach Luciano Spalletti says they’ll seek to keep the ball against Spain in their next Euros clash.

Spalletti admits Spain’s attack is a concern in his tactical planning.

He said: “(Alvaro) Morata is the best running backwards. He’s not lazy. He runs a lot. In terms of metres traveled and speed, his numbers are incredible, also in maintaining speed over long distances, and that allows him to be more direct.

“The same as (Lamine) Yamal. Spain has two wingers who like one-on-one situations and one of the problems we will encounter is that when we dominate the game we have to make sure we are in the right position for a turnover, because they are deadly if you leave too much  space.”

Spalletti continued: “The key is to play good football and maintain more possession. Maybe against Spain there are more vertical passes because they don’t wait on the edge of the area. Against Spain we will have to go beyond the defensive line because they are more aggressive and also put pressure on the goalkeeper.

“Morata presses back passes 20 out of 20 times. Of course: we have the utmost respect for Spain and its players but we should not think that they are better than they really are.”

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