“Even 2face knows that this man is a better father and mentor than he is” – Netizens react to Sunmbo Adeoye’s prayers for single parents

Social media users are reacting to the prayers of Sunmbo Adeoye, the mother of two of legendary singer 2face’s kids and the wife of clergyman Pastor David Adeoye, for single parents.

In a post on her Instagram page, she admonished single parents not to be bothered about who will be a parent, friend and mentor to their kids. She noted how God, who knows the end from the very beginning, already has a supernatural arrangement planned out and will send The One in due season

Using herself as an example, she prayed that as God gave her boys the greatest mentor, God would answer the prayers of single mothers over their kids.

Reacting to it, netizens noted how Davido Adeoye has been a better father and role model for his sons than the singer.

One Teejay Gold wrote, “Even Tuface is happy and rooting for them cos he knows this man is a better father and mentor than he can ever be

One I Am Onyi Empire wrote, “This one just understood that Tuface isn’t for her; she moved on, got married and raised her own family

One Ennys Thrift Closet wrote, “This lady is an evidence of God’s mercy

One Alhaji Yewande wrote, “This woman just understood that Tuface isn’t for her; she moved on, got married and made the best decision in her life! She’s a woman after God’s heart

One Chichi8524 wrote, “God bless Tuface for being a secure father. We love you

One Naija Bakers wrote, “Well said

One Gertrude Umemba wrote, “This pastor is their real father; forget about the door

One S24 By Cecelia wrote, “So proud of her. She’s a woman after God’s heart”.

In February, David Adeoye had won the hearts of many with his love for the singer’s two sons. Sunmbo shared a slideshow of photos from his visit to Nino, who is schooling overseas, which included a photo of David and Nino twinning. The mother of four had to repost the particular photo of the father and stepson due to popular demand by her fans, and the photo had melted the hearts of many, who gushed over their bond and resemblance.

Recall that while Nino was still in Secondary school, David had stepped into Father’s Duty after 2face shunned his son’s induction ceremony. Sunmbo shared the good news of his induction into a leadership role as a social prefect, and her pastor husband was on hand to provide moral support for him as he took up the new leadership role.

In July of 2023, Sunmbo and David celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, and Sunmbo appreciated him for embracing her and her two sons and accepting them with open arms.

In a follow-up post, she sang his praises, expressing her feelings for him and showing him her appreciation. The pastor’s wife considers him her divine compensation and the biggest gift from God.

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