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Every Death In Bodies Bodies Bodies Explained (& Who The Killer Is)


  • Every death in Bodies Bodies Bodies is an escalation of terror, with David’s killing triggering a chain reaction of carnage.
  • The movie’s single location intensifies tension as entitled characters face a real threat, leading to memorable deaths.
  • The twist at the end reveals that David’s death was actually an accident, setting off a chain reaction of paranoia and stupidity, turning the characters into killers themselves.

Warning! SPOILERS for Bodies Bodies BodiesEvery Bodies Bodies Bodies death is an escalation of the terror the characters face, as David (Pete Davidson) getting killed causes a chain reaction of carnage that leaves only two survivors. The A24 horror movie follows a group of friends — David, Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), Alice (Rachel Sennott), Jordan (Myha’la Herrold), and Emma (Chase Sui Wonders) — who throw a hurricane party at David’s mansion. Along for the ride are Greg (Lee Pace), Alice’s Tinder boyfriend of two weeks, and Bee (Maria Bakalova), Sophie’s girlfriend. When the group decides to play the titular murder mystery game, the deaths suddenly turn very real.

The movie uses its single location expertly, trapping the characters in a vast and dark mansion during a hurricane as the tension and body count rise. However, it is the characters in Bodies Bodies Bodies that really add to the paranoia of the story with it focusing on this group of entitled, self-centered young people who cannot see the truth that is plainly in front of them. This leads to a number of memorable deaths in the satirical horror movie with the final reveal putting the whole murder mystery into perspective.


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Killed By Himself

Pete Davidson’s character is the first Bodies Bodies Bodies death and the discovery of his corpse kicks off the events of the film. The central party of the movie takes place at the house owned by David’s parents. He is shown to be an antagonist, picking fights with people while hiding his own insecurities behind his confrontational behavior. He is especially jealous of Greg, whom he views as a more handsome and capable man. David is particularly annoyed at Greg’s ability to open a champagne bottle with a sword.

After angrily leaving the group early into the party, he is found with his throat slit, suggesting there was a killer among the group. The paranoia that ensues from his apparent murder leads to the most of the other characters meeting an untimely demise. However, the Bodies Bodies Bodies ending reveals that David’s death was an accident the whole time. Still consumed with his jealousy of Greg, he attempts to similarly use a saber to open the champagne bottle for a TikTok. However, when the TikTok video is found, it reveals David accidentally cut his own throat in the attempt.


Killed By Bee

Following the death of David, Greg, who excused himself to go to bed early, becomes the prime suspect due to the fact that he had a confrontation with David earlier in the night. The friends also hilariously mistake him for a veteran (when Alice meant he was a veterinarian), making them think he is capable of violence. The fact that they find a survival kit in his room that includes a knife also adds to their certainty that he is likely the killer, not considering that he is just well-prepared for the hurricane.

During a nail-biting confrontation, the girls ask him if he killed David, and Greg continues to mess with them thinking it’s all a part of the game. When things spiral out of control and Greg tries to defend himself, Bee smashes him in the head with a kettlebell weight — twice.


Possibly Killed By Sophie

Emma is the next to die, and her death is perhaps the most mysterious, though it serves to undermine Sophie’s reliability as a character. After Sophie and Emma have a brutal argument, Emma leaves. When Sophie finds her, she tries to apologize. Hilariously, part of the way she tries to make amends is by giving her pills, showing how shallow this horror group of friends truly is.

However, Emma is found dead at the bottom of the stairs with a huge gash in her head. In the eyes of the paranoid characters in the movie who still think that David was murdered, this suggests to them that Greg was not the real killer and there is still one among them. The Bodies Bodies Bodies death is never confirmed to be an accident and audiences are left to wonder whether Sophie really could have pushed her or if she did fall while under the influence.


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Killer Unknown

Following Emma’s death, it becomes clear that no one can be trusted in the movie, which leads to Jordan brandishing a gun. The paranoia ramps up as the night goes on and as resentment boils over, Alice, Bee, Jordan, and Sophie all reveal their underlying feelings about each other. When Alice goes on a tirade against Jordan, calling her out for being the meanest of the group and confirming her insecurity that no one actually likes her, Jordan shoots Alice in the leg while hilariously insisting that she didn’t.

In an attempt to wrestle the gun from Jordan, Bee, Sophie, and Alice end up in a pile on the floor. When the gun goes off, Alice ends up dead, but it’s unclear who could have set off the shot. The most likely culprit seems to be Jordan, but Alice’s death is likely another tragic accident.


Killed By Bee

Capping off the final death in the movie is Jordan. After Alice ends up dead, Jordan is still in possession of the gun and the drug-fueled paranoia reaches its peak. Afraid she’ll be blamed for Alice’s death, Jordan threatens Bee and Sophie with the gun. Once again, Bee proves her smarts by outflanking Jordan and attempting to wrestle the gun from her. While she doesn’t get it, Bee ends up pushing Jordan over the railing, sending her falling to her death on top of a glass table.

Before she takes her last breath, Jordan stokes the flames of paranoia one more time by urging Bee to check Sophie’s texts regarding her cheating on Bee, adding more distrust in the two survivors. Jordan then shoots at the surviving pair of Bodies Bodies Bodies one more time before dying from her wounds.

Everyone & No One Is The Killer In Bodies Bodies Bodies

shot of the group of girls scared in Bodies Bodies bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies brilliantly follows the typical murder mystery format seen in Agatha Christie stories and the like. There is the initial death that kicks things off and lets the characters know (or think they know) that there is a killer among them. The cast is subsequently picked off one by one as the survivors try to determine who the culprit is. Some characters are presented as viable suspects and there is even the threat of the unseen missing friend, Max. However, in the end, Bodies Bodies Bodies shows its inventive approach by confirming David’s death was an accident.

While the audience and the characters get wrapped up in the search for the Bodies Bodies Bodies killer, once it is revealed that there was no killer involved in the original death, it becomes clear that every subsequent death was the result of the characters’ paranoia and stupidity. Greg is killed when the group hypes themselves up into thinking he is a threat, Emma’s was likely another dumb accident, and Alice, Emma, and Jordan die when the emotions push everyone too far. The thought of a killer turned them all into killers themselves, a perfect twist on the genre.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Key Poster

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Halina Reijn

Release Date
August 5, 2022

Pete Davidson , Maria Bakalova , Rachel Sennott , Chase Sui Wonders , Amandla Stenberg , Lee Pace , Myha’la Herrold

95 minutes

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