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FBI: International Season 4's Best Team Leader Replacement Is Another One Chicago Actor


  • Long-running series like FBI: International benefit from occasional shake-ups to keep the story fresh and engaging for viewers.
  • The addition of Jesse Lee Soffer to the cast is a notable change, but utilizing another One Chicago cast member may have been a better choice.
  • Colin Donnell’s character Brian Lange showed promise and could have served as a strong leader for the Fly Team in FBI: International season 4.

FBI: International is switching things up with the addition of Chicago P.D. alum Jesse Lee Soffer, but the best way forward is a different One Chicago cast member altogether. Details are finally trickling out about FBI: International season 4, and it’s shaping up to be a very different installment of the beloved drama series. With the show going in a different creative direction, it’s a shame it didn’t utilize another One Chicago cast member better.

Long-running series must shake up dynamics occasionally to keep them fresh and engaging. However, FBI: International‘s best future was proceeding with a character with the expertise to lead the team. This particular character made an immediate impression on everyone and elevated the episodes they appeared in. With the team losing its leader, this character was perfect to help usher in the next chapter of FBI: International.


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Colin Donnell Should Be Luke Kleintank’s FBI: International Replacement

Brian Lange Made A Great Impression

Colin Donnell’s Brian Lange should lead the Fly Team in FBI: International season 4. Donnell was introduced in the final two episodes of FBI: International season 3 as the show tried to explain Luke Kleintank’s departure as Scott Forrester. While there was no confirmation, his casting played out like a trial period. Replacing Forrester could be detrimental to the show’s future, but Brian earned praise for his quick thinking in finding out what happened to Forrester.

The two-episode arc introduced Brian and his conflicts and left some open threads for him to return. Donnell could theoretically make an appearance down the line, but he should be a more prominent cast member. I truly think Brian had all the characteristics of a great boss, which made him the likely replacement for Forrester. Keeping him around could have prevented a major problem for the One Chicago and FBI franchises.

FBI: International season 4 cast member


Carter Redwood

Andre Raines

Vinessa Vidotto

Cameron Vo

Eva-Jane Willis

Megan “Smitty” Garretson

Christina Wolfe

Amanda Tate

Jesse Lee Soffer


Jesse Lee Soffer’s FBI: International Role Creates A Continuity Problem

Future One Chicago-FBI Universe Crossovers Are Now In Doubt

Chicago PD season 10 Halstead and Upton

Jesse Lee Soffer played Jay Halstead in the first 10 seasons of Chicago P.D., so the character is well-equipped to oversee the Fly Team. However, the show will give the actor a new role, meaning that FBI: International will distance itself from the police drama in a big way, and I think that’s a mistake. Back in 2020, fellow Chicago P.D. alum Tracy Spiridakos appeared in an episode of FBI as Hailey Upton, marking the first crossover for the franchises that took a character to a different network. It was an impactful episode, too, with Hailey working alongside OA to crack a chilling case.

Bringing Halstead over to FBI: International to lead the team would have made for an exciting storyline because he’s such a multi-layered character who grew a lot throughout his arc on Chicago P.D. Keeping the character the same between shows would have also allowed the synergy between the two dramas to continue. Now that Soffer’s new role is breaking the continuity, there’s a good chance that future cross-network crossovers are out of the question, which is personally frustrating. Sadly, this could have been avoided by bringing Donnell, who is perfectly capable of anchoring the show, back as a full-time cast member.

FBI: International season 4 is set to premiere on CBS in the fall.

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FBI: International

Spun off from Dick Wolf’s FBI franchise, FBI: International is a procedural crime drama series that follows a group of Special Agents who are tasked with dealing with international threats against America. Led by Scott Forrester, the FBI’s international team works together with Interpol and other government operations teams to thwart terrorist plots.

Luke Kleintank , Heida Reed , Carter Redwood , Vinessa Vidotto , Christiane Paul , Eva-Jane Willis , Christina Wolfe

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September 21, 2021


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