FCCPC To Commence Campaign Against Underage Smoking

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has called for a review of primary and secondary schools’ curriculum on Consumer Rights.

The Acting Executive Vice Chairman of FCCPC, Dr. Adamu Abdullahi made the call on Monday in Abuja during a one-day engagement with the Students of Tertiary Institution in Nigeria.

Abdullahi said the move became necessary to enable pupils and students at tender age to get to know about their rights and activities of FCCPC in the protection of rights of Nigerian consumers.

He said, ” We have a curriculum for our secondary school and we want to review and update it so that our children in schools can know the rights they have towards service providers and manufacturers. If you know your rights, you can challenge service providers and that is why we are holding this meeting today to ensure this message gets to the youths so that they can know that there is an agency that can ensure that the rights of consumers are protected.

“These are the knowledge we want to inculcate on children from day one on what those rights are and what their responsibilities are so that they can now demand and insist on them wherever they go to buy goods in the market or go for any services to avoid their rights have been infringed upon.”

According to him, other measures have also been put in place such as Consumer Rights Clubs in Schools, end of the year School Competition for both Secondary and Tertiary Institutions towards promoting consumer rights among the students.

“The end of the year competition has generated a lot of interest in the younger ones and it is a recognition for excellent in some schools as students coming from those schools have been able to receive accolades and win various prizes thereby promoting the spirit of consumers rights among them” the Acting Executive Vice Chairman explained.

Dr. Abdullahi announced that the Commission would soon embark on campaign against underage smoking in tertiary Institutions towards safeguarding the youths from the dangers of smoking.

“It is very disheartening to see the numbers of sick people in the hospital as a result of smoking and the amount of money being spent by the government to take care of ailments as a result of smoking and the campaign is part of the penalties the Tobacco Company is paying for a wrong-doing and we believe that’s a way of giving back to the society,” he added.

Some students and other participants who spoke during the one-day engagement commended FCCPC for sustaining its efforts in protecting Nigerian consumers from wholesome products and services over the years in the country.

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