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Frasier Season 2 Original Character Return Addresses A Seattle Finale Headscratcher After 20 Years


  • Frasier
    reboot season 2 fixes Bulldog’s absence in the original finale, bringing back this beloved character for a KACL reunion.
  • During Frasier’s final KACL broadcast, all of his family, friends, and co-workers were there, except for Bulldog.
  • Gil joins Bulldog and Roz in the
    reboot season 2 to add nostalgia to Kelsey Grammer’s sophomore year.

The original Seattle finale was generally loved, but it had a headscratcher that the Frasier reboot season 2 is now fixing after 20 years. Born out of the success of Cheers, awarding Kelsey Grammer’s snooty therapist his own show wasn’t always well-received. It was a massive risk, especially considering the failure of The TortellisCheers‘ first proper offshoot. Thanks to a recognizable lead character, an amazing ensemble, and fantastic writing, Frasier was able to become one of the best comedies. Aside from nabbing 37 Primetime Emmy Awards, it was also a ratings hit for NBC.

Getting the revival off the ground wasn’t easy for Grammer, however. It took him years to shop the idea around until Paramount+ officially picked it up. With the first 10 episodes of the Frasier reboot now out, the cast and crew are busy working on its sophomore year. Plot details are still scant at the moment, but the series is bringing in more characters to join the core cast. That includes the confirmed involvement of some familiar players from Frasier’s time in Seattle, and this paves the way for the revival to fix a big issue from its original finale.



Grammer’s Frasier Reboot Season 2 Cameo Hopes Can Fix Cheers’ Big Ending Disappointment

If Kelsey Grammer’s hopes pan out, the Frasier reboot season 2 will feature two favorite characters who could solve Cheers finale’s biggest letdown.

Frasier Reboot Season 2 Brings Back Bulldog After His Original Finale Absence

Bulldog Didn’t Attend Frasier’s Final KACL Broadcast

Dan Butler as Bob Bulldog talking on a mic in Frasier

Alongside Edward Hibbert (Gil Chesterton), Dan Butler will also return in the Frasier reboot season 2 as Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe. Bulldog was one of the most memorable supporting characters in the original series as the host of “Gonzo Sports Show” at KACL during its earlier years. While Bulldog wasn’t exactly a confidante to Frasier, he played a big part in his time in Seattle. The Frasier reboot premiere actually mentioned that Bulldog has remained connected to the Cranes, even getting involved in Martin’s funeral. However, having a physical appearance would properly answer questions about his absence in the original series’ finale.

In the Seattle Frasier‘s finale, “Good Night, Seattle” Frasier’s family, friends, and workmates gathered outside his booth for his last “The Frasier Crane Show” outing. Grammer’s character delivered a heartfelt goodbye to his listeners, and effectively everyone he loved in the Emerald City. Interestingly, however, Bulldog was nowhere to be seen during the whole broadcast. This wouldn’t have been a big issue had the episode not featured other characters who weren’t as close to Frasier. While he was no longer a host then, he still worked at KACL, which made his absence more puzzling.

What Bulldog’s Frasier Reboot Season 2 Role May Be

The Frasier Reboot Season 2 May Be Staging A KACL Reunion

Since the Frasier reboot season 1 finale effectively addresses the show’s premise, season 2 allows it to be more creative with its storytelling. As previously confirmed, Peri Gilpin’s Roz will also return as a recurring guest star, seeing her and Frasier reunite with Bulldog and Gil would be a great way to bring the core KACL team together for a trip down memory lane. For now, that’s the best cameos that Paramount+ can do, considering David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves’ decision to opt out of the series. The question is, what brings Bulldog and Gil across the country to Boston?

The Frasier reboot season 1 is available to stream on Paramount+.

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Fraiser is a comedy-drama sitcom that stars Kelsey Grammer as a psychiatrist who takes up the role of a radio show host in Seattle after his life in Boston is upheaved. A spin-off of the series Cheers, Fraiser follows the titular character adjusting to the single life while caring for his father (a retired police officer,) his brother, and other eccentric co-workers.

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