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"He's So Gifted": Channing Tatum's Ghost Remake Gets Seal Of Approval From Another OG Movie Star


  • Original
    star Tony Goldwyn shares his enthusiasm for Channing Tatum’s upcoming remake of the film, calling it a great and timeless story with potential for success.
  • Remaking Swayze-led films has led to mixed results, but the trend has been on a steady rise, culminating in the recent success of the Jake Gyllenhaal-led
    Road House
  • With details of the remake still unknown, it will be interesting to see how Tatum looks to update the 1990 classic for a modern audience.

Channing Tatum’s upcoming remake of Ghost gets a positive reaction from another original star. While details of Tatum’s remake have yet to surface, the film will be a remake of the original 1990 classic of the same name tailored for modern audiences. The original film currently has a 75% on review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $500 million at the global box office. Tatum is set to play Sam Wheat, originally played by the late Patrick Swayze. The remake recently garnered a curious reaction from Demi Moore, who said that remakes can be pleasantly surprising.

Tatum’s remake has earned another positive reaction from an original star. Speaking with Screen Rant for the release of his new directorial effort Ezra, actor Tony Goldwyn expressed his thoughts about the upcoming remake. He starts off by saying that Tatum is gifted and that he’s excited to see what Tatum does with the material. Goldwyn also called Ghost a great and timeless story before saying that the remake could see the same success the original saw. Read his full quote below:

I love Channing Tatum and he’s so gifted. I’d be really excited to see what he does with it. It’s a great story and a timeless story, and I think if done well, it could do the same gangbusters as it did 30-whatever years ago. [Chuckles]

Can Tatum’s Ghost Match Another Patrick Swayze Remake’s Success?

All eyes are on Tatum and his remake, as the original
was one of many beloved films led by the late Swayze.

Remaking Swayze-led films has been an upward trend since the 2010s, with this year’s Jake Gyllenhaal-led Road House being the most recent. The Prime Video original opened to mediocre reviews, currently holding a 60% approval score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 53% rating from audiences, but thanks to stellar viewership numbers for Prime Video, it got the go-ahead for a sequel. Other remakes, however, did not see the same success.

In 2012, the Red Dawn remake only made $50 million worldwide and got an abysmal 15% RT score from critics and 50% from viewers. In 2015, Point Break performed even worse, holding an 11% RT score from critics and a 29% from fans, and it made $133 million at the box office worldwide. While Gyllenhaal’s Road House earned lukewarm reviews, its success on Prime Video was enough for a sequel, with the actor set to reprise his role as Dalton.


Road House Sequel: Confirmation, Cast & Everything We Know

The Amazon Prime Video remake of the 1980s classic Road House drew in huge viewership numbers, and now a sequel is in the works.

All eyes are on Tatum and his remake, as the original Ghost was one of many beloved films led by the late Swayze. However, the pressure for this particular remake might be even more intense, as the original film was even nominated for five Oscars, winning two of them for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Writing. With so few details of the remake available, one can only speculate with anticipation, like Goldwyn. However, it’s clear that Tatum’s Ghost remake has big shoes to fill.

The original
is available to stream on Paramount Plus.

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