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House Of The Dragon Makes Me Really Sad About One Upcoming Season 3 Death


  • House of the Dragon’s character development and depth stand out compared to his book counterpart.
  • Jacaerys Velaryon’s growth and eventual tragic death is anticipated.
  • The Battle of the Gullet and Jacaerys’ death likely to occur in early Season 3.

Knowing that one character’s death is coming, House of the Dragon is doing a phenomenal job of preparing me for heartbreak. Having read Fire & Blood and already knowing many of the major plot points, one could assume that the TV series could lose some value, but season 2 has already reaffirmed to me how untrue that is. Sure, there are tons of House of the Dragon book changes that take me by surprise, adding some shock value. But reflecting back, I knew the Red Wedding was coming back in Game of Thrones, and I still balled my eyes out.

George R.R. Martin’s universe may be renowned for its twists, but at its core, the world is about the characters. The most impressive thing about House of the Dragon to me isn’t how they’ve executed the book’s most shocking moments, it’s how they’ve added compelling definition to the least characterized figures. I never imagined I’d care as much as I did about King Viserys or feel such a passionate hatred for Criston Cole. The House of the Dragon cast does an unbelievable job at creating depth, and one character, though subtle, is climbing up my ladder of importance.

Jacaerys Remembering Harwin Strong Makes His Eventual House Of The Dragon Death Sadder

Jacaerys Demonstrates His Good Nature And Values, Showing How Tragic His Death Is

Jacaerys Velaryon didn’t have many opportunities to stand out in season 1, with actor Harry Collett only assuming the role later on. While still a supporting figure in season 2, Jace has really popped out to me. His trip to the North changed him, as evidenced by his new mannerisms. However, he’s still a boy who’s grieving the loss of his little brother and who’s rushing into being the man of his house in the absence of his two fathers. His scene with Baela, where they discuss Ser Harwin Strong, has officially kickstarted my pre-grieving for his death.

Jace has stepped up to support Rhaenyra in their places, even if he isn’t quite ready for it, taking after Ser Harwin’s nobility and kindness, and Ser Laenor’s boldness.

Jace fully acknowledges that Harwin is his father, which is one aspect of the scene, but there’s a vital emotional element here that’s telling of his character growth. As a young boy, Jace lost both of the men who he could see as fatherly figures. Jace has stepped up to support Rhaenyra in their places, even if he isn’t quite ready to, taking after Ser Harwin’s nobility and kindness, as well as Ser Laenor’s boldness. He’s trying to embody their best qualities, putting him under enormous pressure that he’s ultimately just too young for, making his death all the more tragic.


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How Jacaerys Dies In House Of The Dragon (& How The Show Has Started Setting It Up)

Jacaerys Dies At The Battle Of The Gullet

Jacaerys (Harry Collett) and Baela Targaryen (Bethany Antonia) speaking on Dragonstone with their backs to the camera in House of the Dragon season 2

Paying close attention, House of the Dragon has already begun to plant the seeds for Jacaerys Velaryon’s death withLord Corlys Velaryon’s blockade of the Gullet. The Gullet is a body of water connecting Driftmark and the Crownlands, and the blockade obstructs many of King’s Landing’s sea trade routes. This eventually results in the naval Battle of the Gullet, a moment I’m eagerly anticipating and entirely dreading. On one hand, I can’t wait to see a full-fledged naval battle with dragons, but on the other, nothing can prepare me for Jace’s death.

Jacaerys attends the Battle of the Gullet with many of the other dragonriders on Rhaenyra’s side, combating the Triarchy’s fleet in their attempt to lift Lord Corlys’s blockade. Otto Hightower requests the aid of the Triarchy before his removal as Hand of the King in Fire & Blood, using their hatred for Daemon from season 1 to bring them over to align with the Greens. The Greens don’t attend this conflict with any of their own dragonriders, but Jace is taken down by crossbow bolts from the Triarchy navy as he flies too low and within their range.


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When Will Jacaerys’ Death Happen In House Of The Dragon Season 3?

Based On How Events In The Dance Are Spaced Out, Early Season 3 Seems Likely

Jacaerys Velaryon (Harry Collett) and his younger brother bidding farewell to Lucerys Velaryon at his funeral in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1
Image via Max

Given how House of the Dragon is pacing, the Battle of Rook’s Rest is intended to happen in season 2. Seeing as we haven’t seen any footage of the Battle of the Gullet in any trailers, it seems likely that it’ll be postponed to season 3. It’s been prominently established by mentions of the Gullet blockade, and there’s a lot more ground for season 3 to cover still, so it’d likely happen early in the season.

House of the Dragon has a tendency to make minor tweaks to battle scenes and character deaths, so it’s unclear how similar Jace’s downfall will be in the TV series to the book. Regardless, Harry Collett has done a fantastic job in his brief appearances in making Rhaenyra’s eldest son a captivating character. I’m dreading his death more than almost any other in the show, which is a testament to how House of the Dragon has bolstered its character ensemble compared to their book counterparts.

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