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House Of The Dragon's King Viserys Replacement Kills My Biggest Season 2 Concern


  • King Aegon brings unexpected humor to House of the Dragon, filling the void left by Viserys.
  • Tom Glynn-Carney’s portrayal of Aegon II adds priceless moments to the serious drama.
  • House of the Dragon lacks consistent humor compared to Game of Thrones, relying on characters like Aegon.

House of the Dragon season 2, episode 1, has already relieved one of my biggest concerns about the show’s longevity with its replacement for Viserys. The HBO drama is a prequel to Game of Thrones, which set the tone for the fictional universe with its gritty, realistic approach to the fantasy genre. I revere George R.R. Martin’s book universe for its morally ambiguous characters, dismantling common fantasy archetypes, and it’s often blended with a particular brand of dark humor. In Game of Thrones, characters like Tyrion and the Hound consistently provide that humor.

Like many fans, my experience with House of the Dragon season 1 was significantly elevated by the screen presence of Paddy Considine, who expertly played King Viserys I Targaryen. He brought a sense of levity and humor to balance his serious complexity, and though I found his death to be one of the show’s most powerful scenes, it left me with an empty feeling and concern for season 2. Nothing could quite fill the void Paddy Considine left behind in the House of the Dragon cast, but one character has begun to add refreshing elements to make up for it.

King Aegon Adds The Humor I Feared House Of The Dragon Would Lack Without Viserys

Tom Glynn-Carney’s Performance As Aegon II Is Priceless

House of the Dragon is a dark show with serious themes and constant portrayals of violence and gore. Having some levity in the show is vital, and the last place I expected it to come from was King Aegon II. His last few episodes in season 1 prepared me for a character in the ilk of Joffrey Baratheon or Ramsay Bolton, who I would quickly grow to despise. And while I certainly do despise Aegon, I’m not ashamed to say I also really enjoy his presence so far in season 2.

One of the best House of the Dragon season 2 book changes has been seeing how his character develops under the new pressures of leadership. Not only did the season 2 premiere show shades of a more complicated Aegon, but there were also aspects of humor I never saw coming. His amusement over young Jaehaerys agitating Tyland Lannister was priceless, and I never thought I’d see a Westerosi king getting wasted with his mates on the Iron Throne. While he’s not as likable as Viserys, he brings a similar quality that’s vital to such a grim show.

Humor Is One Of The Biggest Disadvantages House Of The Dragon Has Compared To GOT

HOTD Lacks Game Of Thrones’ More Consistently Humorous Characters

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Many of Game of Thrones’ best quotes are from characters like Bronn and Tyrion, who brought unforgettable humor to the fantasy epic. House of the Dragon doesn’t have any characters who can be relied on for that balance, and it’s ultimately a more self-serious drama. The show needs characters like Aegon and even Daemon to provide that occasional humor, as it’s unlikely to come from someone like Rhaenyra or Aemond. I can’t wait to see what actor Tom Glynn-Carney brings to the table next as Aegon in House of the Dragon.

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