How EX MFM member Funke Ashekun became an Ingrate, Chronic Liar

When Funke Ashekun an Ex member of MFM joined the church in 1995 she had no house but was given accomodation by her father in the lord Dr DK Olukoya. With his civil service salary he rented a place for her and her mother in Fola Agoro.

Daddy G. O as Dr Olukoya is fondly called by his congregants is one with so much empathy. Having canvassed with several worshippers of MFM church who have immensely been supported by this spiritual father one will know that Dr Olukoya truly is an anointed man of God and one with a good heart.

Several people who are not even MfM members have at different times attested to Dr Olukoya’s philanthropic gestures.

Sadly one of the Lost sheep of the church a self righteous mother of four Funke Ashekun has decided to bite the fingers that fed her and clothed her. Not only did Dr Olukoya finance her wedding and got her husband a job in Oceanic Bank he also got Funke a job in MFM press.

Dr Olukoya also put Funke’s children on scholarship and her mother on church pay roll. On different occasions Mummy GO’s travel was not complete without getting clothes for her and husband.

As a spiritual leader Dr Olukoya ensures that every member of his church is spiritually groomed and also supports them.

Just like every father can be betrayed Funke like Absalom one of the sons of David started turning against her father in the lord. The first shocker from her came when she embezzled the church money whose records are still with the church account department.

She left the shores of the country with her family and Carted away with the church properties which include two vehicles and some other items in the flat the church gave her. She became demonized and possessed thereafter and started a blog online to turn against her church and the leaders.

All the things Funke talks about on her online blogs are mere speculations , fictions and lies all from the pit of hell . It is very difficult for anyone to understand why Funke has gotten so possessed with her former church MFM so much so she says negative things about them.

she personally didn’t have any negative experience in the church when she was there as a chorister but immediately she left the shores of the country she suddenly started snooping around the church acting like a mentally unstable woman and saying things she herself never witnessed in the church.

Sadly those who are close to this sick woman has eaten dodo so they can’t tell her Ododo.

Funke forgot so easily all that Dr Olukoya and Mummy GO did for her. Someone need to help Funke refreshen her memory since it is obvious there is some form of memory loss and mental damage somewhere. Has she forgotten how her mother became critically sick and all hospital bills incurred at St Nicholas hospital paid for by Dr Olukoya. Has she forgotten how MFM housed her when robbers chased her and husband from their house in Ikorodu. Has she forgotten that she and her husband left MFM with the cars that belonged to the church.
Is it not ridiculous that Funke still has the audacity to go online ranting because of the obsession she has for her church. Watching her online blog one will notice she reminsces about her church and experience she had there which were all positive things.

One can see and read from Funke’s gesticulation during her online rants serious obsession . How can a woman be talking for months about things she herself never witnessed but hearsay.

Could it be that Funke is trying to use the lies she has been piddling to make money through her online blog or what can we really say is happening to this SELF RIGHTEOUS WOMAN.

Has Funke ever taken note that she is fast turning track of herself and becoming cursed and wicked women in the Bible. Who made her Jesus Christ ? Why she Dey talk say she wants to free Gods children from sin what a Pure Blasphemy. Haba how can someone resort to a journey of self destruction?

Alagidi Ni Funke( Funke is Sturbbon)

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