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How Old Dexter's Returning Characters Are In Showtime's New Prequel Show


  • Dexter: Original Sin will see a new actor portray a college-aged Dexter, with a focus on his early forensics career and guidance from his adoptive father Harry.
  • The prequel series also recasts Debra and Harry Morgan, exploring the dynamics between these significant characters in Dexter’s life.
  • The cast of the upcoming Dexter prequel will include familiar faces such as Angel Batista, Maria LaGuerta, and Vince Masuka, bringing back key characters from the original series.

Several of the main characters from Dexter are set to return in the highly anticipated prequel series Dexter: Original Sin. Dexter: Original Sin will feature a new actor as the legendary titular character for the first time in the franchise’s celebrated history. The Dexter prequel series has also recast Debra and Harry Morgan, two of the most significant characters and family members of Dexter. The upcoming Dexter prequel series will chronicle the beginning of Dexter’s forensics career at the Miami Metro Police Department, which will also bring back the original characters of Angel Batista, Maria LaGuerta, and Vince Masuka.

The series will chronicle a college-aged Dexter as he embraces his “dark passenger” through the guidance and teachings of his adopted father Harry, who has developed a code for Dexter to follow to satisfy his violent urges while making sure never to get caught. Dexter: Original Sin recently cast Grey’s Anatomy alumnus Patrick Dempsey as a new character in the Dexter universe, Captain Aaron Spencer, a fellow police officer of Dexter’s father Harry Morgan. Harry had previously been portrayed by James Remar but will be played by Christian Slater in the upcoming prequel series, which has not yet announced an official release date.


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Dexter Morgan Is 20 Years Old In Dexter: Original Sin

Dexter Morgan Was 35 Years Old In Dexter Season 1

Dexter Morgan was 35 during the first season of Dexter, which is the same as actor Michael C. Hall. When Dexter ended in 2013, the titular protagonist was 41 years old due to the fact that the events of the final season took place in 2012. Interestingly, Patrick Gibson, who is slated to take on the role of Dexter Morgan in the prequel series, is 29 years old as of the time of writing, which makes a 9-year age gap between his actual age and the age of the younger Dexter Morgan. The creators of Dexter: Original Sin are clearly not concerned by the age difference and are apparently convinced that Gibson will be able to authentically portray a college-aged Dexter. Gibson is certainly a better substitute than having Michael C. Hall put on a terrible wig again.

Debra Morgan Is Likely 17 Years Old In Dexter: Original Sin

Debra Morgan Was 26 Years Old In Dexter Season 1

Debra Morgan was 26 in Dexter season 1, meaning technically speaking her character should be 11 years old in 1991 when Dexter: Original Sin will take place. Actress Molly Brown is estimated to be in her early twenties, so it appears that Dexter: Original Sin will be making some adjustments to the age gap between Debra and Dexter Morgan. It would be ridiculous if Brown tried to pass as someone high school-aged younger than 17, which is already a stretch, so as of now her character in Dexter: Original Sin is predicted to be around 17 or 18 years old. Dexter will still likely embody the older brother dynamic in the prequel series although he will only be a few years older than Debra rather than nearly a decade older as he was in the original series.

Harry Morgan Is Likely 53 Years Old In Dexter: Original Sin

Harry Morgan Was 53 Years Old In Dexter Season 1

James Remar portrayed Harry Morgan throughout the original Dexter series, mostly as a figment of Dexter’s imagination but also through flashback scenes and archive video footage. Dexter was 20 years old when Harry died by suicide, making it incredibly likely that Christian Slater’s Harry will not survive by the end of the upcoming prequel series. Although Remar inevitably ages throughout the eight seasons of Dexter, he remains frozen in time as a part of Dexter’s consciousness and therefore does not actually age. Slater. who is 54 years old as of the time of writing, will be portraying Harry in what appears to be the final year of his life. It seems that the Dexter: Original Sin casting team is spot on in choosing Slater as Harry, who will be portrayed for the first time as an actual living character.


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Angel Batista Is Likley 34 Years Old In Dexter: Original Sin

Angel Batista Was 44 Years Old In Dexter Season 1

David Zayas was 44 years old when he first appeared as Angel Batista in Dexter season 1, meaning that his character was the same age. Zayas was 50 during the production of Dexter season 8 and was 29 when he reprised his role in Dexter: New Blood. James Martinez, who will play Angel in the Dexter prequel series, is currently 37 years old as of the time of writing. However, given that Angel was 44 in 2006, his character should technically be 29 when the new series takes place in 1991. With Martinez being 37, it seems unlikely that he would effectively pass as a man in his late twenties, which is why his rendition of Angel will likely be portrayed as being in his early to mid-thirties, which is much more believable even though not technically accurate in the Dexter lore.

María LaGuerta Is Likely 32 Years Old In Dexter: Original Sin

María LaGuerta Was 42 Years Old In Dexter Season 1


Lauren Valez, who played María LaGuerta in the original series for seven seasons, was 42 years old when she started on Dexter season 1, which is congruent with her character. She was 47 at the time of her character’s shocking death at the end of Dexter season 7. María should technically be 27 years old in Dexter: Original Sin, however, the actress that is portraying her in the prequel series, Christina Milian, is surprisingly 42 years old as of the time of writing. This means that both Valez and Milian will be the same age when they first took on the role of María LaGuerta. Milian looks much younger than her age, which works to her benefit, but as is the case with her co-stars, she likely won’t be able to pass as a 27-year-old in the prequel but might be able to pull off an early 30s age range.

Vince Masuka Is 20 Years Old In Dexter: Original Sin

Vince Masuka Was 35 Years Old In Dexter Season 1

Similar to Dexter Morgan, Vince was also 35 years old in the first season, which would make him 41 in season 8. It’s quite possible that since Vince and Dexter both work in forensics, he will be one of the most featured characters in Dexter: Original Sin, especially considering that technically speaking he and Dexter are the same age. Alex Shimizu, who appears to be in his late twenties or early 30s, will play Vince in the prequel series. If the nearly 30-year-old Gibson is going to successfully pull off a college-aged Dexter, then perhaps Shimizu will be following the same path. While the age differences between the original Dexter cast members and the new Dexter: Original Sin cast are somewhat questionable, the addition of Slater and Dempsey should make it a successful prequel.


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